Go Figure!
You can "count" on having fun!
Discovery Museum

Open now through Feb. 1.

Using popular children's books such as Arthur's Pet Business, The Doorbell Rang and Goldilocks and The Three Bears, this colorful and educational exhibit will engage children and caregivers with materials that show how math impacts our everyday lives.  We're delighted that this exhibit is presented in both English and Spanish.


Throughout this discovery-filled exhibit, the popular children’s books are brought to life in oversized reproductions of the artists’ original illustrations. Inside each large-scale book, visitors find an attached copy of the featured book, a math based interactive relating to the book’s narrative, and tips for parents on supporting their child’s early explorations of math concepts.


Comfortable rugs, seating areas, and plenty of books in both Spanish and English complete the experience so visitors can stay a while, relax, and have some fun learning!



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