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Permanent Exhibits

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Discovery  Museum!


Located in Portland’s beautiful Washington Park, our 20,000 square foot museum is sure to delight anyone from ages 3 to 103.  Visitors will be both educated and entertained as they learn about the importance of forests and trees in our lives, as well as environmental sustainability.



First Floor Exhibits
We recognize that forests are truly amazing places critical to our own survival, and we want you to come away from your museum experience with that same feeling. Forests are ever changing, face many challenges, and require proper management to be sustainable. By using the forests of the Pacific Northwest as an example, you will see how forests have systems, structure, and cycles, and how they affect our lives each and every day.


Art Gallery

We are exhibiting the work of art organizations. If your organization is interested, please email or call Wendy Mitchell at or 503-488-2111.


Second Floor Exhibits
Forests around the world face multiple challenges. On the second floor we highlight People and Forests, and how they interact around the world. You will "travel" to different regions meeting people who are faced with the many issues of keeping forests in their countries sustainable.

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