Event FAQs & Guidelines

Event FAQs & Guidelines
Washington Park Campus

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Thank you for choosing the World Forestry Center (WFC) for your event. While we want you to have a successful event, you and everyone attending your event will be expected to follow these rules and the requests of our staff.

Download the WFC Rental Guidelines

Before Your Event

Rental Balance is due 30 days before your event. Failure to pay rental balance in a timely manner will result in the cancellation of your event and forfeiture of your deposit.

If you cancel less than 30 days before your event, your deposit and rental fee will be retained by the WFC. If you cancel your event more than 30 days before your event date, the reservation deposit will be retained by the WFC. With respect to the latter cancellation policy, your event and deposit may be transferred to another date within 90 days of your original scheduled date if a facility is available. In the event of a weather- or safety-related issue that limits access to or use of the facility, the liability of WFC is limited to a refund of the amount already paid by you, the renter.

WFC will set up tables and chairs according to the floor plan you and/or your caterer has coordinated with our Events Manager. WFC will provide a basic public address system with one microphone in Miller or Cheatham Halls. Please inquire about telephone, internet service, and any other technical needs. WFC does not provide linens, silverware or tableware, copier services, projection equipment, fax machines, or office services. Additional last minute or day-of event changes to the floor plan, including adding equipment, may be subject to a fee.

WFC does not have on-site catering, however, we have established good relationships with many competent caterers in the area who are familiar with our facilities, rules, recycling, and cleanup requirements. Please confirm with your caterer that they will clean and secure the building at the end of your event.

These caterers can also help with linens, decorations, and other equipment.

You are required to use one of the caterers on our preferred list. You will contract for your food and beverage needs directly with the catering company. WFC is not responsible for the caterer’s services or performance under your contract.

Our campus includes multiple buildings. Please indicate on your invitations specifically in which building your event is to be held (e.g., World Forestry Center Miller Hall). Sandwich boards are available for your use. We encourage you to make at least two weatherproof signs that are 2' x 3' directing people to your function. These signs may be clipped to the sandwich boards.

Client agrees to provide a certificate of general liability insurance in an amount of not less than $1,000,000 (one million dollars) covering the event and naming the World Forestry Center and City of Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau as additional insured. The certificate holder should read as follows:

World Forestry Center and City of Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau
4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97221

Please note most homeowners policies are able to provide the required insurance. You will need to provide proof of insurance 60 days before your event.

(This is sometimes required - see below): We require proof of Host Liquor Liability Insurance of at least one million dollars naming the World Forestry Center and City of Portland Parks and Recreation Bureau as additional insured.

You do not need Host Liquor Liability Insurance: If alcohol is provided by and served by your caterer. In this case, your caterer will have the proper insurance to cover your event. This is the option we recommend.

If the alcohol is donated or provided by anyone other than your caterer or you arrange for OLCC licensed servers who are not employees of your caterer, the caterer's host liquor liability insurance may or may not cover your event. In any case, we require either a written confirmation from your caterer that their insurance will be covering the event or you must arrange for other host liquor liablity insurance that meets our requirements and provide us a certificate of insurance.
Alcohol may only be served by OLCC licensed servers.

Licensed servers who are not part of your caterer's staff must provide their name, phone number, and a copy of their OLCC server's permits to the WFC 60 days prior to your event.

At no time is self-service alcohol, including keg or bottled beer, allowed.

Washington Park has a pay-by-space meter system in place. Rates are $1.60 an hour with a discount for all day parking ($4.00 all day Oct-Mar, $6.40 all day Apr-Sept). For more information about parking in the park, please visit www.explorewashingtonpark.org.

Pre-paid one-time use passes are available for purchase, but does not guarantee a parking space. Contact WFC Event Staff for details.

The World Forestry Center shares the campus parking lots with the Oregon Zoo and the Portland Children's Museum. There is usually ample parking; however, special events such as Zoo Concerts and other peak times can create parking shortages. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis to all people visiting any of the institutions. We cannot reserve or guarantee parking for any events. In order to make access to your event as convenient as possible, we may be able to suggest advantageous starting times for your event. We also suggest the following:

  • Contact the Oregon Zoo (503-226-1561) and the Portland Children's Museum (503-223-6500) to see if they are planning special events that might conflict with your event.
  • Encourage people coming to your event to take advantage of the MAX Light Rail station that comes right to our campus. The MAX park-and-ride lots are generally available evenings and weekends. For more information call TRI-MET at 503-238-RIDE or visit their website at www.trimet.org.
  • Suggest car-pooling or shuttle buses. On most peak days, free shuttle buses connect to satellite parking facilities.
  • A few parking spaces are available behind your event building. You may use these during you event for caterers and others.

During Your Event

Access to buildings prior to event start time is determined on an individual basis. Ending time for all events is no later than midnight. Times differ for the Mount Hood Room.

You are responsible for any damage that occurs to the building or equipment either inside or to the grounds. Damage may result in partial or full loss of your deposit. In the event of excessive damage, you may be charged additional fees needed for repairs.

  • You may only use blue painter's tape to hang anything on the walls or any other surface. You may not use: nails, push pins, tacks, staples, Velcro, or duct tape.
  • Do not use confetti, glitter, mylar, rice or birdseed inside or outside of the buildings.
  • If rose petals are used outdoors, they must be cleaned up by the end of the event. No rose petals are to be used indoors.
  • The use of fireworks, sparklers, tiki torches, or any fire related products are prohibited unless special arrangements have been made with WFC.
  • We've had too many close calls, therefore candles are not allowed either inside or outside the buildings. Flameless candles only.
  • Per fire marshall regulations, you may not block any door that has an EXIT sign above it.

All deliveries are to be made the day of your event after your access time. Unless special arrangements are made with the WFC, you or your representative must be present to sign for all deliveries. You must remove all of your items from the hall immediately following your function. WFC will not be responsible for items left behind.

You are responsible for all people and property associated with your event. All WFC buildings are non-smoking buildings. Smokers must use ashtrays located outside of the buildings. No portion of any passageway or exit door may be blocked or obstructed in any manner and no exit door shall be blocked, hidden, or bolted from the inside while the facility is in use.

Different events of the facilities have different needs with respect to security. We recommend you designate someone to monitor your event and take responsibility for any safety or security issues. If, in the opinion of the WFC, your event requires security due to alcohol use, public access, high value items, among other things, you may be required to provide professional security personnel.

After Your Event

Confirm with your caterer that they will clean the building at the end of your event. Remove your equipment, decorations and other items. Put all garbage and recycling in appropriate cans and dump them in dumpsters. If any chairs or other equipment have been moved outside, they must be returned to the building. A mop and bucket is provided for taking care of liquid spills.

Confirm with your caterer that they will secure the building at the end of your event. Ending time for all events is no later than midnight. Times differ for the Mount Hood Room. Ovens, burners, lights and other equipment should be turned off. Check that all doors are locked. You must remove all of your items from the hall immediately following your function. WFC will not be responsible for items left behind. Place your key in the designated drop box.

After your event, WFC staff will inspect the building. If everything is satisfactory, your deposit refund will be mailed to you after your event. If there is damage, you will be notified by a letter.

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