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About Us

Founded in 1964 in Portland, Oregon, the World Forestry Center is a nonprofit educational institution.

Our mission is to educate and inform people about the world's forests and trees, and environmental sustainability.

We do this with our three programs:

Discovery Museum

Our 20,000 square foot museum is located in Portland's beautiful Washington Park. Built in dramatic Cascadian style architecture, you'll marvel at the intricate hand carvings and grand entry outside, and delight in  hands-on, interactive exhibits inside. The museum is family friendly and designed to engage visitors to learn about the sustainability of forests and trees of the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Tree Farms
The World Forestry Center owns and operates three working forests donated to us by landowners who wanted to ensure their properties would be protected from development and managed according to the principles of sustainable forestry.

World Forest Institute
The World Forest Institute was established in 1989 as the information services division of the World Forestry Center.

Supported by a broad network of global contacts in forestry, WFI provides valuable services designed to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers, consultants, researchers, brokers, government agencies, and others. The primary program of WFI is the International Fellowship Program.

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