Leadership Hall


Current Biographies (PDF)


Located on the second floor of the Discovery Museum, we invite you to visit our Leadership Hall - a special place to commemorate people who have made significant contributions in advancing forestry and forest products worldwide.

Handcrafted solid black walnut chests attractively display tribute and memorial biographies that are kept in individual drawers alphabetically organized and identified with brass nameplates.


In 1971, the World Forestry Center established a unique tradition to honor those who have made significant and meaningful contributions to the advancement of the forestry sector in business, government, or education. An elite collection of 200 influential people have been voted in and had their biographies written and preserved for posterity. These biographies describe the life and career of the individuals honored, as well as contribute to the collective history of leadership within the forestry sector of the Pacific Northwest and the world.  This is our Leadership Hall.

Induction to the Leadership Hall
Individuals are either deceased or have been recognized with a “living memorial.” Traditionally, nominations for the Leadership Hall have been matched with financial pledges or donations from family and friends, trusts, foundations, and go toward supporting the educational efforts of the World Forestry Center. Prospective inductees are voted on by a select committee of the Board of Directors.

The Biographies
This memorial area is a celebration of the history of the world’s forests and a way to share the stories of those leaders who have been intimately connected with them. Each of the drawers contains one life history. We encourage you to look through these biographies and the history of forestry in the Pacific Northwest and around the world will begin to emerge before your eyes. The drawers are in alphabetical order for easy locating and can be removed for reading. Electronic versions of all biographies are also available upon request.

If you are interested in having a memorial prepared to honor someone (living or deceased) who has made a significant contribution to forestry or the forest products industry, please contact Wendy Mitchell, Director of Stewardship, at 503-488-2111.




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