Forestry Hall of Fame

Memorial Gallery


Current Tribute and Memorial Biographies (PDF)


Located on the second floor of the Discovery Museum, we invite you to visit our Memorial Gallery - a special place to commemorate people who have made significant contributions in advancing forestry and forest products worldwide.

Handcrafted solid black walnut chests attractively display tribute and memorial biographies that are kept in individual drawers alphabetically organized and identified with brass nameplates.


Each memorial or tribute biography and photo of the honoree, contains a comprehensive record of the life and contributions of the individual. Though most of the 175 honorees are deceased, living memorials are an attractive way to honor an individual. This is the only recognition of its kind to provide both a named inscription and accompanying biography in such a permanent and beautiful setting.


If you are interested in having a memorial prepared to honor someone (living or deceased) who has made a significant contribution to forestry or the forest products industry, please contact our Development Department at 503-488-2111.




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