The 2018 WFI International Fellows presented their final independent project findings at the Forestry Lightning Talks hosted at the World Forestry Center on September 13, 2018. The event received great attendance from the local forestry and natural resources community. Here are some of the Fellows’ key findings:

  • Xuejiao Li (China): To promote international collaboration in forestry research at the Chinese Academy of Forestry, the department should pide intercultural communication skills, including English-speaking training, to enhance international conference presentation skills and maximize networking opportunities at conferences.
  • Thammarat Mettanurak (Thailand): The introduction of softwood lumber into the Thai housing market could be furthered through research into alternative sources of high-quality softwood lumber and the use of treated softwood lumber, platform framing, hybrid material construction, and prefab/modular housing.
  • Tuan Phan (Vietnam): Carbon pricing can incentivize private and government entities to reduce emission levels through investing in energy-efficient technology and switching to clean energy. Such policies under consideration in Vietnam would address social and economic justice, benefit local communities, and protect the environment.
  • Meei-ru Jeng (Taiwan): To establish a feasible biochar supply chain in Taiwan, fruit orchard trimming waste should be considered for use as a source for biochar production. Biochar should be promoted for use on high-value crops to achieve increased yields.
  • Jeen Bunnik (Netherlands): There is no “one size fits all” solution for forestry education and operations. Instead, forestry policy is multi-layered and unique to each specific region and as such, should be tailored to local forestry operation dynamics.

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