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Edmund Hayes Education Center Rental Fees and Notices

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Edmund Hayes Education Center Rental Info

This large classroom is a perfect area for education programs or business meetings and is $150 for day use only. The center’s capacity is 50 people and includes folding chairs, 10 tables (24″ x 8′), 9 tables (18″ x 8′), and a wood stove.

Included for $200

Items listed for $150 rental fee.
Kitchen with 2 refrigerators, 1 microwave, a 4-burner stove and an oven.

Edmund Hayes Education Center

Please Note

Heat provided by a wood stove.
Rented for day use only and cannot be rented in conjunction with bunkhouse rentals.
Dishes, flatware, and cooking utensils are not provided with kitchen rental.
End of rental time is 6pm.


Magness Trips and Tours

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Hands-On Learning in the Forest

Magness Memorial Tree Farm, located near Wilsonville, Oregon, is the perfect outdoor education site for school and youth groups. You can choose to go at your own pace and take a self-guided tour or get personalized attention with our guided programs designed to complement topics being studied in the classroom.
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