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Kati Brueckner, Germany

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Kati spent her six-month fellowship at WFI in 2009 researching the discourse that led to the adoption and implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan. The focus of her study was on the course of scientific debate amongst policy advisors, biological scientists, and communities impacted by the plan. She also looked at external factors influencing the creation of this management plan such as funding, political requirements, and public expectations and how all these affected the scientific discourse.

International Fellow fron The Netherlands, 2018

Jeen Bunnik, Netherlands

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Jeen Bunnik is a procurement forester for Houthandel Bunnik, a family-owned business established in the Netherlands in 1900. As the fifth generation-owner, Jeen serves as the liaison between procurement and Houthandel Bunnik’s internal and external timber product manufacturing. He is responsible for the procurement of logs and dimensional lumber originating from Northwest European temperate forests that go to domestic, European, and export markets. Jeen holds dual Bachelors degrees in Business Administration and Forestry and an Engineering degree in International Timber Trade. During his Fellowship in 2018, Jeen did a Comparison of Forest Policy and Operations Between the Pacific Northwest and Northern Europe (video). Contact:

Hebe web

Hebe Carus, Scotland

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Hebe Carus is a wildlife conservation biologist from Kingussie, Scotland. Hebe joined the 2017 WFI fellowship program to gain new non-UK insights into how forestry can contribute to conversation aims and vice-versa. Her goal was to learn from Oregon forest managers, including those in collaborative works, how to achieve optimal management of public and private forestland at a landscape scale. (video) Hebe is interested in how to transition from a simple stand structure to more complex structural diversity that in the long term can deliver a continuous flow of timber incomes as well as age class and species diversity.

Hebe has taken up a temporary post with the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) as a Living Landscapes Programme Manager. The program oversees the implementation of landscape scale land use/conservation integration across 3 sites – urban and rural. Hebe will be evaluating the successes of one of those sites, coordinating the implementation of a communications strategy and reviewing the SWT landscape-scale conservation policy; all within 9 months!


Li-Wan Chang, Taiwan

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Li-Wan Chang finished her 6 month Fellowship program in November 2013. Li-Wan is a research assistant at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute in Taipei. There she does research on forest stand dynamics in response to natural disturbances. She also manages the Institute’s extensive library and helps the organization with international cooperation. At WFI, Li-Wan studied the similarities between forest health and management issues between the US and Taiwan. She concluded that while many things are similar, public perception of forestry and forestry issues is very different between the two and that perception plays a major role in how forests are ultimately managed.


Mariane Bueno de Camargo, Brazil

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During her Fellowship in 2007-2008, Mariane conducted a trade study on Brazilian moulding and millwork.  Since 2011 she has worked for KLABIN S/A in Parana State, Brazil where she is responsible for forest protection, pest and disease monitoring and environmental zoning.  KLABIN S/A is the largest paper company in Brazil.

Fen-Hui Chen, Taiwan 2019

Fen-hui Chen, Taiwan

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Fen-hui Chen received her Master of Science in Plant Taxonomy in England and her PhD in Forest Science at Oregon State University. She has been working as a contract researcher in the Silviculture Division of the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI), the sole governmental research institute focusing on forestry, since 2010. One of Fen-hui’s main responsibilities is to provide recommendations to the government on forestry policy based on research data. Fen-hui’s research interests include agroforestry, restoration ecology, and vegetation ecology. She especially wants to promote the concept of agroforestry in Taiwan. During her Fellowship, Fen-hui will conduct a study on Sustainable Management, Ecological Monitoring, and Extension Strategy in Agroforestry.


Katie Collins, Australia

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Katie is developing plans, policies and procedures relating to bush fire management. In particular bush fire risk management plans, prescribed burning plans and procedures, pre-incident plans. Katie completed her Fellowship in 1999.

Internatinal Fellow from Nicaragua 2016 (Andrea Cornejo)

Andrea Cornejo, Nicaragua

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Andrea is a former WFI International Fellow from Nicaragua who completed her Fellowship in 2016. Her research at WFI compared private forest landowners in Nicaragua and Pacific Northwest. (video)

Andrea works as a Researcher at the recently formed Interdisciplinary Institute of Natural Sciences at the University of Central America, Managua, Nicaragua. In this position, she conducts research related to forestry, ecosystem health, and non-timber forest products, as well as teaches as part of the Faculty of Science, Technology, and Environment. In 2017, she launched a Forum on Forests and Sustainable Forest Management, part of a lecture series to create a continuous conversation on forestry-related topics.


Branislav Cvjetkovic, Bosnia

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Branislav completed a five-month Fellowship in October, 2013. Branislav is a research assistant at the Univeristy of Banja Luka where he researches seedling technology and forest genetics. Branislav came to WFI supported by the WFI Friends and Alumni Fund and studied technology transfer of forest genetics in light of climate change. He visited the science of assisted migration and developed ideas on how Bosnia could implement this science to conserve several at-risk forest tree species in Bosnia. Branislav returned home to begin his PhD work and continues serving as a research assistant at the university.