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Jan Jenco, Slovakia

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Jan Jenco is a lawyer, author, and forester from the town of Tekovske Luzany in the Slovak Republic. After obtaining a master´s degree in law, Jan´s professional career started at the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, where he occupied a position of lawyer at the Directorate for Nature, Biodiversity and Landscape Protection. He later widened his education by gaining a Bachelor´s degree in forestry and thus specialized in cross-sectoral relationships of forestry and nature protection and its mutual effects in policy making processes, which was also the subject of Jan´s research during his stay at the WFI. (video)

Jan recently started a Master’s degree in Environmental Management with a focus in natural resources at the Technical University in Zvolenin, Slovakia. He is close to completing his authorship of a book on Slovak forestry regulations. He is currently working for a regional organization for conservation and sustainable development with a focus on habitat restoration in the river Danube region, since February 2018. He will be working on their legal agenda.


International Fellow from Taiwan 2018

Meei-ru Jeng, Taiwan

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Meei-ru Jeng is an associate researcher at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute in Taipei, Taiwan. She has extensive knowledge in eco-informatics and information management, especially in system planning. Meei-ru has served as primary project coordinator for the International Long-Term Ecological Research Network, coordinating workshops and trainings. In recent years, Meei-ru has further sharpened her information management skills and worked to develop a platform for streaming sensing networks, making the data openly available and accessible to the public. Meei-ru is now taking these coordination and management skills to a lead investigator level on a Biochar Materials and Application program. During her 2018 fellowship at WFI, she did research on the Considerations for Establishing a Biochar Supply Chain (video). Contact:


Inchul Jung, Korea

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In Chul worked for Eagon Industrial Co., in Chile, as a General Manager for over 13 years.  He has also managed plywood and MDF mills in Uruguay for Urupanel and ply and sawmills in Chile for Forestal Tromen SA.  He is currently Managing Director of Jung & Cho Limitada in Santiago, Chile, which offers strategies to improve plywood manufacturing processes and business development.


Aigar Kallas, Estonia

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Aigar Kallas finished his 6 month Fellowship in November 2013. Aigar is the Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian State Forest Management Center. His work at WFI was focused on developing techniques for assessing benchmarks in forest management practices at government agenices in the US. His goals was to develop a comprehensive methodology for perfomance assessment of public forestry organziations worldwide.


Kenji Kariya, Japan

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Kenji is a Researcher for Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. in their Research Institute. He is an architect and is involved in a variety of research related to the aesthetic value of trees and housing design and construction, including ergonomics and Japanese life-styles. He is also currently a postgraduate student at Tokyo Institute of Technology in the Department of Architecture. During his Fellowship in 200-2001 Kenji researched wood usage for the interior design of houses in the Pacific Northwest as well as the benefits of wood as a building material.


Victor Kazembe Kawanga, Zambia

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During his Fellowship from 2008-2009, Victor completed an assessment of forest/forestry educational centers as models for learning and teaching public, institutional and private sectors of society.

As a dedicated Natural Resources Interpretation and Development Expert, Victor works as a consultant in the area of developing and implementing conservation systems, strategies, interventions, processes and controls. His approach is to improve environmental scenarios and functions to achieve long lasting socio-economic, environmental, cultural, spiritual, religious and development relationships to ensure goal-surpassing fiscal performance. He works at the community, national and international level. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Network which is a group of more than 500 non state actors. He also published a book: Zambian Plants & Trees: Botany, Nomenclature and Various Uses.


Krystina Kny, Australia

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Krystina Kny completed a six-month Fellowship in December 2014.  She is from Melbourne, Australia and works for VicForests as their Manager of Operational Performance.  Krystina is responsible for the management of VicForests’ Sustainable Forest Management System and maintaining compliance against relevant certification schemes and regulatory requirements.  She has worked in both tree farming and native forestry in Australia and during her six month Fellowship Krystina completed a project on Social Acceptance of Working Native Forests, contrasting Victoria, Australia and the Pacific Northwest


Dr. Chao-Nien “Carol” Koh, Taiwan

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Dr. Chao-Nien “Carol” Koh finished her WFI Fellowship Program in 2015. During her 6-month WFI Fellowship Program she focused on developing more advanced protection programs for the urban birds in Taiwan.

After her program she resumed working for the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) where she has been for over two decades. At TFRI her current research focuses in ornithology in the urban setting. Some of her research has demonstrated that birds in the urban ecosystem have difficulties in raising their babies compared to those in the mountains. This finding has prompted her to develop educational materials for the public on how to help the birds and their habitats in the neighborhoods around the city of Taipei. During 2016 she created two outreach programs “bird-sleuth club” for primary school and “bird’s nest-box watch” in Taipei’s Botanical Garden. She also proposed the creation of a wildlife corridor in East rift valley where she investigated biodiversity in the last eight years.


Vijay Kolinjivadi, India

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Vijay spent his 6-month Fellowship studying the business demand for watershed service markets in Oregon. He interviewed buyers of watershed services in both the regulated and voluntary markets and ascertained motives for purchase into these services and the general perceptions of the buyers during this process. Vijay has spent several years studying payments for ecosystem services and will continue to work in this field in upcoming projects.


Namgon Kwag, Korea

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Namgon works for Eagon Ltd., a luxury Korean building products supplier and builder. He has worked for Eagon for 12 years, beginning in the flooring factory and he is now the Team Manger of the Management Support Team, and is responsible for accounting, financing, labor affairs and strategic planning. During his Fellowship in 2008 he searched for products to introduce to the Korean building market, including wood and non-wood products.