Dr. Chao-Nien “Carol” Koh is from Taiwan where she has worked at Taiwan Forestry Research Institute for more than twenty years. She has spent most of her working time with birds. She has conducted bird biodiversity surveys in natural forests, plantations, preserves and afforested units. Recently, she turned her focus to birds in urban areas. Some of her research has demonstrated that birds in the urban ecosystem have difficulties in raising their babies compared to those in the mountains.  This has prompted her to develop educational materials for the public on how to help the birds and their habitats in the neighborhoods around the city of Taipei. Carol is interested in developing more advanced protection programs for the urban birds in Taiwan. With Portland’s long history of preserving wild birds, Carol hopes to learn from organizations such from the Audubon Society which has programs on backyard habitat certification, cats and wildlife, reducing bird hazards and bird planting for wildlife, etc. Carol will be here through December 2015 and will bring her experiences back to Taiwan and to share with people in the city government and the NGOs such as Wild Bird Society of Taipei.