Chiao-Ping Wang is an Associate Researcher at the Taiwan Forest Research Institute (TFRI) in Taipei, Taiwan. After earning her PhD in Germany in the late 90’s, she returned to Taiwan and has studied the forest soils around the country working to understand the processes and functions of different forest ecosystems, including a warm temperate cloud forest, a subtropical rain forest and a lowland plantation. For the last five years, Dr. Wang has focused on the study of the environmental benefits of urban forests, which is a new topic of research for TFRI. She became aware that the public, which is generally supportive of environmental programs, needs to move beyond its appreciation of the aesthetics of trees to a more specific understanding of the many functions they serve, not only individually but collectively. She came to WFI to understand systems of urban forest management in the US and to gain a deeper understanding of the ecological and educational applications of urban forestry. (video)

Chiao-Ping returned to her research at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) as a soil scientist. She reported that she brought back many great ideas from the USA that are inspiring her work implementing a Long Term Ecological Research site in the urban forests of Kaoshiung.