Forestry Programs

World Forestry Center’s forestry programs are designed to shape a society that values and takes action to support the economic, ecological, and social benefits of forests.

Wildfire Summit

In Spring of 2021, we launched “Adapting to the Era of Megafires: A Community & Expert Summit on Catastrophic Wildfire in Oregon and Beyond” a five-episode free virtual summit on catastrophic wildfire.

Crowded presentation inside World Forestry Center

Convening and Councils

As a trusted resource in the forestry space, we host a variety of conferences, workshops, and public events thematically-focused on the major forces shaping our future and the future of our forests.

Nine International Fellows grouped for a photo outside

International Fellowship Program

Our Fellowship is a one-of-a-kind, award-winning professional development program that has hosted over 148 Fellows from 47 countries.

Crowd seated inside of World Forestry Center for the Who Will Own the Forest Convention

Who Will Own the Forest?

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, World Forestry Center has reimagined our signature Timberland Investing conference.

Hagenstein Lecture (Forestry 2040) panelists: Abe Wheeler, Terry Baker, Ara Erickson & Andrés Holz

The Hagenstein Lectures

Named in honor of forester Bill Hagenstein, this lecture series is an exciting, high-profile public outreach initiative.

Plaques reading names of Forestry Leaders inducted into the Forestry Leadership Hall

Forestry Leadership Hall

Our Forestry Leadership Hall commemorates those who have contributed to the social, economic, and environmental benefits of forests. More than 200 leaders have been inducted since 1971.

Fran Caffeatra, Amanda Rau, and Anjel Tomayko, participants in "Women on Fire" Lecture

Support this Work

Our ability to keep up with the changing future of forestry depends on the support of a network of donors, sponsors, partners, and volunteers. We can not do this work alone.