Convening & Councils

A special pop-up event focused on the increase in catastrophic wildfire.

For over half a century, World Forestry Center has been at the intersection of people and forestry. We are focused on shaping a society that values and takes action in support of the economic, ecological, and social benefits of forests.

This work calls for careful choices and collaborations. It requires that key stakeholders take part in important conversations about complex forestry issues and imagine and invest in what is possible.

This work requires that key stakeholders take part in important conversations about complex forestry issues

As a trusted resource in the forestry space, we host a variety of conferences, workshops, and public events thematically-focused on the major forces shaping our future and the future of our forests.

Who Will Own the Forest? Conference

For over 15 years, our annual Who Will Own the Forest? conference has been one of the largest timberland investment gatherings in the world, bringing together timberland managers, investors, and stakeholders to share challenges and innovations, build community, and be inspired.

The Hagenstein Lectures

Our public programs are anchored by The Hagenstein Lectures, an event series focused on identifying and providing a forum for young leaders in forestry, policy, and conservation. The lectures amplify these innovative voices and facilitate conversation between foresters and the public.

Governor’s Wildfire Council

In 2019, we hosted multiple policy workshops as part of the Oregon Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response. Created by Governor Brown via executive order, the Council was charged with evaluating and making recommendations for Oregon’s systems for managing wildfire.

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We are proud of the convening work that we have accomplished thus far, yet we know there is so much more we can do in this critical area.

A donation will help us grow and evolve this element of our work into an impactful, self-sustaining program that helps shape our society and the future of forestry.