We at the World Forestry Center believe that creating a sustainable forestry future for tomorrow means shaping society today. We are hard at work creating a culture that values and takes action to support the economic, ecological, and social values of forests.

I hope you will consider making a year-end gift to aid us in this effort.

Your donation allows us to build on existing programs to drive problem‐solving by professionals, create events and experiences to connect the public to its interdependence on forests, and steward a place that supports a community of sustainable forestry champions.

In the last year, thanks to the support of donors like you, the World Forestry Center:

  • Welcomed more than 60,000 people to our Washington Park campus via conferences, events, workshops, and visits to our iconic Discovery Museum;
  • Empowered natural resource professionals from Brazil, China, Costa Rica, France, Malawi, Nigeria, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom through our award-winning International Fellowship Program;
  • Amplified emerging voices and megatrends in forestry at our lectures, conferences, and mission-driven events;
  • Hosted key policy-makers engaged in critical conversations, like the Oregon Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response.

We are proud of what we have accomplished this year, yet we know there is so much more to do. To create a sustainable forestry future, we need you to renew your support today.

Please make a year-end gift to support the World Forestry Center as we create and inspire champions of sustainable forestry.

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