From the Interim Executive Director 

Next week is National Forest Products Week and we could not be more excited! We have much to celebrate here at the World Forestry Center as we focus on the myriad of benefits the forest gives us. Clean air, clean water, habitat for our wildlife, and recreational opportunities are just the start of what our forests provide and why we care so much about sustainably managing them. The Governor’s proclamation of October 15-21, 2017 as Oregon Forest Products Week also reminds us that Oregon is a leader in wood products manufacturing and that the forest sector contributes more than $12 billion annually to our state’s economy. We are truly fortunate to live in Oregon.

Last month we opened a new exhibit in our museum on mass timber called The Future of Tall. If you have not heard of it, mass timber is a style of solid wood framing that incorporates engineered wood products that are panelized as both vertical and horizontal members. The Future of Tall exhibit explores the various types of mass timber currently produced and how these products are being used in the construction industry. This amazing product allows for tall buildings, even high-rises, to be built exclusively out of wood. People are taking notice of this product! Just last week the staff of Oregon Forest Resources Institute and their Board of Directors visited our mass timber exhibit, filling the exhibit with elected officials, policymakers, architects, and forestry professionals. The World Forestry Center was their first stop on a tour of mass timber buildings in the Portland area.

When you visit our exhibit, you will learn about the many building projects currently going up or completed with mass timber around the state and beyond. You will experience this very cool forest product for yourself and you can even test out a “massive” piece of furniture. Many of the pieces featured are made in Oregon and we are grateful to Oregon Forest Resources Institute for sponsoring this exhibit. You can read the full press release about The Future of Tall here [link].

Our World Forest Institute Research Fellows are especially excited about this product. Before they all returned home this month, Fellows had one last study tour with D.R. Johnson Lumber, a company that is taking the lead in the mass timber industry in Oregon. D.R. Johnson Lumber is actually the first facility in the United States certified to produce structural cross-laminated timber, or CLT. The opportunity to see the manufacturing process of CLT up close was a truly unique experience for this group and a perfect cap to their knowledge bank of forestry in Oregon. Our state continues to remain one of the best places for students of all ages to learn about forestry.

We continue with Oregon Forest Products Week with The Hagenstein Lectures on Sunday, October 15. In partnership with the Society of American Foresters, we continue the “Emerging Voices of Forestry” series that started last year. Ten foresters, all under the age of 45, will have conversations about building with wood, forestry in an urban environment, and women who own woodlands. With such an exciting agenda and free admission with RSVP, you do not want to miss this event. You can learn more here [link]. We hope you will join us to celebrate this special week!

Sara Wu

Interim Executive Director