Charitably Speaking: Listening to You, Our Donors

Rick Zurrow
Rick Zurow
Director of Philanthropy

As World Forestry Center’s Director of Philanthropy, my highest priority is to listen. I’m interested in how our organization’s vision and these new and pressing realities resonate with our community of supporters. This year, we plan to start conversations with you, our donors, corporate sponsors, and foundation supporters, about our shared interests. 

The vision of World Forestry Center is to help shape a society that values and takes action in support of the economic, ecological, and social benefits of forests. We’re focused on changing the way people think about forests and forestry, now and in the future. 

The future of forestry is being shaped by major forces: 

Climate Change

Our changing climate has rewritten society’s priorities and relationship with nature. More than ever, we are reminded that forests affect the air we breathe and the water we drink. 

Catastrophic Wildfire

Unprecedented wildfires in the last decade threaten our forests’ many benefits. Learning to live with wildfire will require sustainable management at a scale never before seen. 

Demographic Shifts

There are more Millennials than there are Baby Boomers. Their buying habits and beliefs will have ripple effects across all facets of our society. 

Population Growth

Over the next 33 years, it’s estimated that we’ll need to build an area the size of New York City every five weeks to house the Earth’s increasing population. Using technology and wood products will be essential for building a sustainable housing future. 

New Technologies

Mass Timber and other new technologies, are changing the way we interact with the natural world. Buildings are being built bigger, faster, and with more renewable materials, like wood. 

What Resonates with You?

We’re particularly interested in getting answers to these questions:

  • What is your core philanthropic mission and why is it important to you? 
  • Which aspects of World Forestry Center’s vision align with your beliefs?
  • Which of the major forces above is most important to you?
  • What might you do to support our vision? 

We feel optimistic that there will be many opportunities in the next few years to support our programmatic work. But before we ask you to continue your support (or to give to World Forestry Center for the first time) we want to listen.

Rick Zurow

Director of Philanthropy

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