Romain Matile is a senior forest technician working for a New Caledonia-based forestry company in the South Pacific. His previous roles include working as a forestry expert at the Civil Security and Risk management Direction for the New Caledonia government, sworn officer in charge of forest protection management for the French Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, field controller of the European Subsidies for Agriculture and Forestry Development, biology and ecology teacher, and lumberjack. In May 2018, Romain participated in the controlled-burn training-exchange program (COTREX) in Bend, Oregon. He holds a Master of Science in Population Biology and Vegetal Ecology from the University of Grenoble, France, a Higher-Technician Diploma in Forestry, a prescribed-burn boss formation, and a French firefighter training certification. Romain’s project with the World Forest Institute is to study the different impacts of controlled burns versus wildfire on the growth of timber wood. In addition, by studying forest protection policies implemented in Oregon, Romain wants to promote the development of controlled burning practices in France and New Caledonia that will contribute to more cost-effective efforts to protect natural areas.