Our World’s Forests
You will first encounter a huge map of the world which highlights forest types and how peoples of the world use forests. Artifacts and flip books will encourage you to learn about wildlife, forest values, and meeting human needs.

Take a Journey
Now it’s time to embark on whirlwind virtual tours of four forest types: boreal, temperate, sub-tropical, and tropical.

Trans-Siberian Railway
As you journey through the cold landscape via the Trans-Siberian railway, you’ll encounter people who depend on the boreal forest for their livelihood.

Chinese Tour Boat
Next it’s time to take a boat ride on Songhua Lake in Changbai Mountain to learn about population pressures on China’s temperate forests.

South Africa
Now a jeep ride through Kruger National Park is the perfect way to view wildlife in a sub-tropical forest!

The Amazon
And finally, step inside a canopy crane for a simulated ride up into the treetops of Brazil’s Amazon tropical rainforest.

Leadership Hall

Our Leadership Hall showcases the biographies of individuals who have made significant contributions to the forestry profession. More than 200 leaders have been in inducted since 1971.

Old Forestry Building history

The origins of the World Forestry Center date back to the Old Forestry Building from the 1905 Lewis and Clark Exposition. Photos and history of the “World Largest Log Cabin” tell the story of the building’s beginnings and its destruction in 1964.