Ms. Stuty Maskey finished her 5-month WFI Fellowship Program in 2015. Her academic background is in Economics and Public Policy. During her fellowship, Stuty conducted research in forest-collaboratives in the Pacific North-West (PNW). She was interested to learn about the opportunities and challenges faced by PNW’s forest collaboratives in order to understand policy and institutional needs to leverage collaborative governance model in Nepal (Final presentation: Collaborative Governance).

After completing her fellowship, Stuty pursued her research interest by enrolling in a PhD program in the School of Public Policy at Oregon State University. Currently, Stuty is collecting data in Nepal for her PhD thesis. Her topic is ‘Stakeholder perspectives on collaboration for a national forestry program’. For this she is conducting an in-depth case study of a large forestry program in Nepal that aimed to improve forestry governance through collaborative policy and decision-making processes. The program however, terminated early. Stuty is investigating the reasons for this termination.

Stuty’s broad interest lies in environmental governance. Currently her focus is in collaborative approaches to environmental policy-making and whether it can foster development in low-income countries.