Sue Sem “Michelle” Yap from Sandakan, Malaysia has eight years of experience in the forest conservation of the Sabah region. She is currently a Planning Officer at the Sabah Forestry Department and is working on a three-country conservation vision project which is called The Heart of Borneo Initiative. This initiative focuses on the management of protected areas and one of her directives is to determine alternative revenue streams in these forest reserves. As a focus of policy consideration, Michelle is looking at sport fishing as an option for the freshwater regions of these forests. As a WFI Fellow, she explored the potential and the mechanisms of regulated sport fishing within the forest reserves in Sabah through the lens of the Pacific Northwest’s experience. (video)

Michelle returned to work for the Heart of Borneo conservation project in Malaysia at the Sabah Forestry Department. She will be focusing on conservation activities such as forest rehabilitation and developing ecotourism facilities this year. Her WFI project findings on how to implement sport fishing inside a forest reserve have been approved by the Sabah Forestry Department and are in the process of being implemented.