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Mikko Jaaskelainen, Finland

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Mikko is a Manager in Sales and Sourcing at Yara, sourcing pyrite, sulphur and sulfuric acid to Yara Upstream plants in Finland, France, and Netherlands.  He previously worked at Dynea Oy and Indufor Oy. During his Fellowship in 2001-2002 Mikko conducted a study on the forest industry’s reaction to environmental protection laws in the Pacific Northwest in the 1990s.


Kenji Kariya, Japan

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Kenji is a Researcher for Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. in their Research Institute. He is an architect and is involved in a variety of research related to the aesthetic value of trees and housing design and construction, including ergonomics and Japanese life-styles. He is also currently a postgraduate student at Tokyo Institute of Technology in the Department of Architecture. During his Fellowship in 200-2001 Kenji researched wood usage for the interior design of houses in the Pacific Northwest as well as the benefits of wood as a building material.


Roger Naylor, United Kingdom

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During his Fellowship in 2000 to 2001 Roger was sponsored by Jaakko Poyry and examined global forests and their role in the sustainable satisfaction of human needs.  Roger is currently the Forestry Chief Operating Officer at UK-based FIM Services Ltd, an alternative investment manager specialising in real asset investments, specifically forestry and renewable energy.  Prior to joining FIM, Roger was Director of Investment Forestry at IWC, an international timberland investment advisor with commitments of USD 3.5 billion on behalf of institutional investors. Roger holds an MSc in Forest Economics.


Jon Bingen Sande, Norway

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Jon Bingen Sande completed a one-year Fellowship in 2000-2001 and researched the globalization of the forest industry. He holds a Master of Forestry degree from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Marketing Strategy from the same university. He is currently an associate professor in marketing at the Department of Marketing, at the Norwegian School of Management, BI. His research centers around marketing and distribution channels, governance and inter-organizational relationships. Faculty Profile


Sandra Silva Perez, Chile

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Sandra is currently Marketing & Business development Deputy Manager at Australis Seafoods based in Puerto Varas, Chile.  Prior to this she was a regional director at the Chilean Exports Promotion Agency (PROCHILE).  During her Fellowship in 2001, Sandra conducted market studies on with forest issues and compiled and managed forest products statistics information used to create a data mart prototype.