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Gustavo Daniluk, Uruguay

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Dr. Gustavo Daniluk is a Professor at the University of Republic (Universidad de la Republica) in Montevideo, where he teaches harvesting and forest certification. Additionally, Gustavo works for SGS Qualifor as an FSC forest auditor in Uruguay, Chile, Argentina and Panama. During his fellowship in 2001-2002 Gustavo developed a Best Management Practices Manual for Uruguay.


Tateki Hata, Japan

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Tateki is currently a consultant at Spacevision Research Institute Inc. in Osaka. His work involves forest products marketing and development of forest and agricultural area. Tateki has completed research involving the market adaptation and competitiveness of Japanese wood industries. During his Fellowship in 2001-2002 Tateki worked as an Information Specialist and conducted research on US wood supply for the Japanese housing market.


Lee Miezis, Australia

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Lee is the North Coast Marketing Improvement Manager for State Forests of New South Wales. Lee works with internal and external parties to improve the delivery of timber products to the market and to be more responsive to markets demands and to foster relationships with partners in the distribution chain for hardwood products. During his Fellowship in 2001-2002 Lee researched North American timber markets and authored the WFI Special Report – North American Timber Markets: Production, Consumption, Preferences and Opportunities for Australian Native Timber.