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Jasjit Walia, India

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Jasjit Walia is from the Indian Forest Service where he is the CEO of Ecotourism for his region, Himachal Pradesh. Jasjit was the first Indian to participate in WFI’s Fellowship program in 2005-2006. Jasjit researched environmental services, which he feels holds great promise for his Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh in northern India.


Xiaoli Wang, China

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Xiaoli Wang is a forestland and forest tenure administration officer at the State Forestry Administration in Beijing, China. Since 1997 she has worked making national policies, dealing with forest tenure conflicts across the provincial boundary, and training and supervising officials on implementing law, polices and regulations on forest land and forest tenure administration. During her fellowship in 2005-2006, Xiaoli conducted research sponsored by INBAR on policy recommendations for developing forestland and bamboo resource tenures systems in Africa and Asia.


Yanping Zhang, China

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Yanping is the Chinese Academy of Forestry’s Chief Expert on Forest Cultivation. During his Fellowship in 2005, Dr. Zhang researched the seedling industry, as China has ambitious plans to reforest and afforest large areas for both commercial wood products and soil protection. Dr. Zhang was the first Chinese Fellow to come through a joint-cooperation agreement with the Department of International Cooperation at the Chinese Academy of Forestry.