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Seol Woong Lee, Korea

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Seol Woong Lee, an architect by training, works in the marketing division of EAGON Inc. His primary responsibility is developing new wood-based products and planning new business opportunities. During his six-month Fellowship in 2006, Lee explored wooden housing facilities for seniors, including retirement and assisted living communities. By 2026, Korean society is expected to become super-aged society in which over 20% of the population will be above 65 years of age. Therefore, the development of facilities and dedicated housing for seniors has become a key issue in Korea.


Chris Lopez Paniagua, Mexico

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Cristopher completed a one-year Fellowship in 2007, sponsored through a joint funding project with the USDA Forest Service’s International Programs and the Chiles Foundation. Cristopher worked with several groups involved in the management of the Monarch Butterfly Reserve – including WWF-MEXICO the Mexican Fund to the Nature Conservation, USAID, and CONANP – to develop his WFI research project. He investigated ecotourism activities in the Reserve and surveyed visitors to develop a market study of tourist demand. He also gave ecotourism guide trainings to local ejido members.


Zengwang Ma, China

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Zengwang Ma is a researcher at the Hebei Academy of Forestry Science. In 2006-2007 the Hebei Provincial government sponsored Ma for a 12-month Fellowship. Hebei province, which surrounds Beijing, has been overlogged, resulting in desertification, flooding and landslides. Consequently the government has imposed logging restrictions, and they are now faced with the task of finding alternative revenue sources through sustainable forest development. In his work, Zengwang studies silviculture and reforestation.


Nerijus Miskinis, Lithuania

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Nerijus Miskinis is a Ph.D. forestry student at the Lithuanian University of Agriculture. Nerijus was WFI’s first Lithuanian and first non-Russian eastern European Fellow in 2007. His 12-month Fellowship was being sponsored by the Shelk Foundation. Nerijus explored the forestry business in the Pacific Northwest in order to take lessons learned back to apply in Lithuania.


John Turland, Australia

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John completed a WFI Fellowship in 2006-2007 and studied North American approaches to growth and yield modeling, and harvest scheduling approaches in uneven-aged mixed species forests. After the Fellowship John returned to the USA, and worked as a Forestry Management Analyst with Washington State DNR; a Forest Economist with RISI’s international timber group; and 6 years with TIMO GreenWood Resources Inc, initially as a Financial Analyst then as Director of Resource Planning & Analysis, including 2 years based in China. In 2016 John returned to New Zealand and has established a forestry consultancy company, IFIM Consulting Ltd. He specializes in providing a wide range of technical forestry services including investment analyses, resource assessments, growth and yield modeling, forest modeling, and valuations.