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Victor Kazembe Kawanga, Zambia

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During his Fellowship from 2008-2009, Victor completed an assessment of forest/forestry educational centers as models for learning and teaching public, institutional and private sectors of society.

As a dedicated Natural Resources Interpretation and Development Expert, Victor works as a consultant in the area of developing and implementing conservation systems, strategies, interventions, processes and controls. His approach is to improve environmental scenarios and functions to achieve long lasting socio-economic, environmental, cultural, spiritual, religious and development relationships to ensure goal-surpassing fiscal performance. He works at the community, national and international level. Currently, he serves as Chair of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Network which is a group of more than 500 non state actors. He also published a book: Zambian Plants & Trees: Botany, Nomenclature and Various Uses.


Meijuan Luo, China

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Meijuan Luo works for Fujian Academy of Forestry in Fuzhou City, China as a researcher engaging in forest silviculture and ecology. She was at the WFI for a 6-month Fellowship sponsored by World Forest Institute & Fujian Fumin Foundation. She has a Master’s degree in forestry from Fujian Agriculture and Forest University. While working full-time at Fujian Academy of Forestry, Meijuan is concurrently enrolled in a PhD program at the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Her research project at WFI was on the topic of forest ecological service compensation. She studied the mechanisms of compensation of forest ecosystem services and the ways to motivate people to protect the environment in the Pacific Northwest . The objective of this research was to help Fujian Province establish its own forest ecological compensation mechanisms.


Milan Mataruga, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Milan Mataruga completed a year-long fellowhip, ending in September 2009, where he studied and gained practical experience in forest genetic resources of the the Pacific Northwest.  For many years he served as a Professor in the Faculty of Forestry, University of Banja Luka in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  More recently he was appointed a Vice Rector for science, research and development at University of Banja Luka. His previous research has centered around seedling growth and production, including work on seed orchards, physiological and genetic seed research, drought resistant seedlings, preservation of biodiversity, afforestation and reforestation.


Lanhui Wang, China

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Ms. Lanhui Wang is a faculty member in the Department of Statistics, School of Economics and Management, at Beijing Forestry University. She has been teaching there since July 2002 and lectures on statistics and econometrics, forecasting, and decision-making in economics. Ms. Wang completed her one-year fellowship at the WFI from 2008-2009, where she studied forecasting for timber consumption and the wood products trade in China.


Shouxin Xie, China

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Dr. Shouxin Xie completed a year-long fellowship at WFI in December 2009.  Dr. Xie joined WFI from the China State Forestry Administration in Beijing, where he is the Division Director for the Department of Forest Resource Management. Dr. Xie supervises and manages forest harvest issues across China, and is a key player in making forest policy for the country, including establishing forest harvest levels, policy implementation, harvest auditing, and stopping illegal harvest. During his fellowhip, Dr. Xie studied many different aspects of sustainable forest management systems in the U.S. Dr. Xie learned various perspectives on forest policy and management in the Pacific Northwest that he takes home for recommendation to China’s forestry sector.



Min Zhao, China

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Dr. Min Zhao is an Associate Professor at Shanghai Normal University, in Shanghai, China. Her major research revolves around the impact of global climate change on terrestrial ecosystems, with an emphasis on forest carbon cycles. She completed a one year Fellowship from 2008-2009 conducting research on methods for estimating forest carbon cycles for urban forests and urban forest functions.