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Elikia Amani Zahinda, DR Congo

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Elikia completed a 6-month fellowship program studying sustainable community forestry management practices in 2009. He returned home to DR Congo with plans to implement forest policy change to combat illegal logging and to help establish and improve sustainable forestry management plans.


Kati Brueckner, Germany

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Kati spent her six-month fellowship at WFI in 2009 researching the discourse that led to the adoption and implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan. The focus of her study was on the course of scientific debate amongst policy advisors, biological scientists, and communities impacted by the plan. She also looked at external factors influencing the creation of this management plan such as funding, political requirements, and public expectations and how all these affected the scientific discourse.


Vijay Kolinjivadi, India

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Vijay spent his 6-month Fellowship studying the business demand for watershed service markets in Oregon. He interviewed buyers of watershed services in both the regulated and voluntary markets and ascertained motives for purchase into these services and the general perceptions of the buyers during this process. Vijay has spent several years studying payments for ecosystem services and will continue to work in this field in upcoming projects.


Yu-jen Lin, Taiwan

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Dr. Yu-jen Lin has worked as a scientific researcher at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute since 1998. His research projects involve carbon sequestration estimation of the economic trees and bamboos in Taiwan and charcoal production utilizing bamboo and forest biomass residues. During his ten-month fellowship at WFI, Yu-jen did extensive research on the technologies and processes of woody biomass utilization in the West. He focused on production mechanisms that he could apply towards Taiwan’s forest resources, specifically the potential for bamboo to be used for the production of wood pellets. Yu-jen’s fellowship was sponsored by the Harry Merlo Foundation and National Science Council of Taiwan, and supported by the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute.


Jagdish Poudel, Nepal

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Mr. Jagdish Poudel finished his one year WFI Fellowship in March 2011. He surveyed small woodland/forestland owners about their perceptions and knowledge of carbon markets and carbon credit systems. He spent his year here learning about mechanisms of carbon trading and frameworks for successful models. He returned to Nepal to work on on a REDD+ pilot project for a year before returning to the state to work on his PhD at Auburn University in Alabama. Currently he works as Forest Economist at Michigan Department of Natural Resources and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Department of Forestry, Michigan State University. His work involves estimating economic contribution of forest products industries and forest-based recreation activities in Michigan.


Gui Shen, China

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Mr Shen Gui is a professor and the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Society of Forestry. His background is in wood processing, and he has wroked for the China National forestry Product industry Association and the China Furniture Association. In recent years, he has focused more on education. Mr. Shen completed a six-month fellowship in 2009 where he continued in research into public education of forestry and forestry issues.


Daisuke Tajima, Japan

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Mr Daisuke Tajima completed a short  four-month fellowship program in the summer of 2010. Daisuke researched the business of small forestland ownership. His family owns forestland in Japan and he focused his research on learning about practices surrounding the livlihood and sustainability of family forestlands. He also focused on global trends affecting small-scale forestry. Daisuke completed his Fellowship prior to his last year of school at Keio University.