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I-Chun Lu, Taiwan

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I-Chun Lu completed a five-month fellowship in 2010 researching methods and technologies used in environmental education in the Pacific Northwest. She returned home in October and resumed her work for the Taiwan Forest Research Institute. I-Chun is an assistant researcher in the Botanical Division of TFRI. She was previously stationed in Taipei, but will resumes her duties at a new work station in Yi-lan county.


Vera Serrao, Portugal

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Vera completed her 6-month Fellowship program in December 2010. She came to WFI to study post-fire forest management and to learn how forest management agencies in the U.S. respond to fires. Vera was engaged in learning about the practical response to fires in an effort to develop risk assessment and response models for dealing with forest fires in Portugal.


Ghazala Yasmeen, Pakistan

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Ghazala completed her one-year Fellowship at the end of August 2011. Ghazala studied the relationship between forest fires and climate change. Her focus was in trying to determine if there was a corollary effect of increased incidence and severity of forest fires with increased temperate over time.