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Kwangho Baek, Korea

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Kwangho Baek was a Fellow for 18 months from Jan. 2011 to June 2012. He is an officer in the International Cooperation Division of the Korean Forest Service in Daejeon, Korea. While at WFI he studied biomass policies and incentive programs used in the U.S. and researched how Korea might further become involved in the biomass industry. Kwangho returned to Korea to resume his work with the Korean Forest Service.


Ning Hou, China

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Dr. Ning Hou is a professor of forest economics at Beijing Forestry University in Beijing, China. She completed a one year Fellowship in April 2012. While at WFI, Ning researched carbon sequestration in western forests and explored markets for forest carbon in the United States. Ning resumed her teaching duties upon return to China and continues to teach several classes every semester.


Khurram Sheikh, Canada

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Canadian Fellow Khurram Sheikh finished his program in late August 2011. Here for six months, Khurram focused his research on learning about the practical management of invasive species control in the urban environment. Interviews with city, county and state land managers along with site visits all helped inform Khurram of the latest issues and management techniques for the top invaders of our region. He returned to Toronto in hopes of putting his new found knowledge to work back home.


Elvis Tata, Cameroon

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Elvis Tata finished a six month Fellowship in March 2012. Elvis is a high school geography teacher from Douala, Cameroon. He came to WFI to learn how business and government in the United States use GIS to help manage their natural resources. Elvis interviewed people from public and private industry and learned how GIS is integral to their daily and long-term operations. Elvis returned to Cameroon to resume his teaching duties and develop proposals to ingrate GIS into school curriculum.