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Cristhian Gutierrez Patzi, Bolivia

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Cristhian finished a six-month fellowship in the fall of 2012. He studied marketing strategies of small forestry businesses and family forestland owners. From his research he developed a general marketing plan that can be implemented by small forestry companies and one that he hopes will help communites in Bolivia sell their wood products. Cristhain is a Project Officer for the Canadian-based company Co2Impact in LaPaz, Bolivia. His Fellowship was sponsored by the International Tropical Timber Organization.


Ali Malek, Iran

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Dr. Ali Malek completed an 18-month Fellowship program in July 2103. Ali is a professor of forestry in Tehran. While at WFI he investigated metrics for monitoring urban forest health. In comparisons of two different neighborhoods in Portland, Ali determined that basal area per capita was the most important index in studying the relationship between street trees and socio-economic issues in different neighborhoods.


Tendayi Mhlanga, Zimbabwe

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Networking from the Business & Computer institute (BCI) – London, United Kingdom. He is currently pursuing a BBA Marketing degree with the Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) – South Africa. Tendayi is employed as General Manager overseeing business development for Cheermart Timbers – a private company in Zimbabwe. While at WFI, Tendayi conducted an in-depth study of the business development models and practices of forest products industries in the Pacific Northwest. In particular, Tendayi studied sawmill business solutions in order to make better business & management decisions back home.


Richard O’Hanlon, Ireland

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Richard O’Hanlon is a forest ecologist and mycologist from Ireland. He completed a six month Fellowship in July, 2012. His research focused on the difference in macrofungal communities between the native Sitka spruce forests here in the Pacific Northwest and the non-native Sitka spruce forests of Ireland and Britain. Richard’s Fellowship was sponsored in part by the Council for Forest Research and Development (COFORD). More information on his research can be found on his website www.rohanlon.org.


Hwa-Guang Shang, Taiwan

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Hwa-guang is a government officer serving at Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) as an assistant researcher. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in forestry from National Taiwan University, both specializing in forest products technology. His work at TFRI includes forestry extension education, publications, technology consultation services, etc. Hwa-guang spent his 6-month Fellowship in 2012 studying extension education platforms that are used by various agencies and organizations to educate about forest ecosystem degradation and global climate change. He made comparisons with platforms in Taiwan and returned to his position at TFRI with recommendations on how to improve Taiwan’s environmental education outreach.