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Andres Alarcon, Chile

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Andres completed a six month Fellowship in March 2013. He has an Industrial Engineering degree from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile – Santiago, Chile and has been working for Chilean company Woodtech Measurement Solutions since October of 2010 as a Software Engineer. During his Fellowship, Andres studied the various manual log scaling methods used in the PNW. His company makes digital log-scaling equipment and the knowledge gained from his research at WFI will help him better serve the needs of his current and future customers.


Li-Wan Chang, Taiwan

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Li-Wan Chang finished her 6 month Fellowship program in November 2013. Li-Wan is a research assistant at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute in Taipei. There she does research on forest stand dynamics in response to natural disturbances. She also manages the Institute’s extensive library and helps the organization with international cooperation. At WFI, Li-Wan studied the similarities between forest health and management issues between the US and Taiwan. She concluded that while many things are similar, public perception of forestry and forestry issues is very different between the two and that perception plays a major role in how forests are ultimately managed.


Branislav Cvjetkovic, Bosnia

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Branislav completed a five-month Fellowship in October, 2013. Branislav is a research assistant at the Univeristy of Banja Luka where he researches seedling technology and forest genetics. Branislav came to WFI supported by the WFI Friends and Alumni Fund and studied technology transfer of forest genetics in light of climate change. He visited the science of assisted migration and developed ideas on how Bosnia could implement this science to conserve several at-risk forest tree species in Bosnia. Branislav returned home to begin his PhD work and continues serving as a research assistant at the university.


Marguerite Forest, United States

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Dr. Marguerite Forest spent a three-month summer sabbatical at WFI in 2013. Her research focused on the development of interactive web maps using GIS to track and place all participants in the WFI Fellowship Program, the World Forestry Center’s International Educators Institute, and other group programs. Her web maps will be available on the WFI website soon and will be a lovely visual display of program participants and will allow for better communication among alumni of these programs.


Aigar Kallas, Estonia

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Aigar Kallas finished his 6 month Fellowship in November 2013. Aigar is the Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Board of the Estonian State Forest Management Center. His work at WFI was focused on developing techniques for assessing benchmarks in forest management practices at government agenices in the US. His goals was to develop a comprehensive methodology for perfomance assessment of public forestry organziations worldwide.


Xiaoqiong Liang, China

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Xiaoqiong Liang completed her six-month Fellowship in October, 2013. As a research assistant for the Chinese Academy of Forestry in Beijing, Xiaoqiong worked on policy development of the new forest certification scheme being implemented in China, the CFCC, or Chinese Forest Certification. With CFCC applying for endorsement by the larger certification body PEFC, Xiaoqong came to WFI to study how the implementation of CFCC would affect US trade of forest products with China. Specifically, she looked at FSC-certified companies in the US and how much they export to China and assessed their level of knowledge regarding China’s new forest certifcation and what it might mean for them and their business.