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Sudiyah Istichomah, Indonesia

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Sudiyah Istichomah completed a six month Fellowship in November 2014. During her WFI Fellowship, Sudiyah looked at models of public involvement and stakeholder engagement in river management, especially focused on the Willamette River. Sudiyah currently works for RECOFTC (Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific) Indonesia Country Program at the office in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.


Krystina Kny, Australia

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Krystina Kny completed a six-month Fellowship in December 2014.  She is from Melbourne, Australia and works for VicForests as their Manager of Operational Performance.  Krystina is responsible for the management of VicForests’ Sustainable Forest Management System and maintaining compliance against relevant certification schemes and regulatory requirements.  She has worked in both tree farming and native forestry in Australia and during her six month Fellowship Krystina completed a project on Social Acceptance of Working Native Forests, contrasting Victoria, Australia and the Pacific Northwest


Wai Wai Than, Myanmar

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Wai Wai Than completed a 6-month Fellowship in March 2015. During her six-month Fellowship Ms. Than studied the pathways of invasive species-invasion, how to detect them at the ports, quarantine laws and documentation systems, risk assessment, and awareness and public participation in those activities. Wai Wai was funded in part by a fellowship award she received from the International Tropical Timber Association. In 2017 she retired from the Forest Research Institute in Yezin, Maynmar. Currently she is writing articles about the environment and learning about Buddhism.


Vincent Upton, Ireland

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Dr. Vincent Upton completed a six month Fellowship in November 2014. Vincent is a researcher from Ireland who works in the rural economy and development program in Teagasc, the Irish agriculture and food development authority. Vincent trained as a forester in University College Dublin before working with a number of private and public forest management and research organizations. His research focuses on the economics and valuation of forests and forest ecosystem services and he examined public preferences and values for afforestation while completing his PhD from University College Dublin. During his 6 month WFI fellowship, Vincent focused his research on how forest policy and management in the Pacific Northwest account for ecosystem services.


Ruo-Yun “Zoe” Yeh, Taiwan

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Zoe completed a six month Fellowship in November 2014. Zoe is from Taipei, Taiwan and works for the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. She is an assistant research fellow in the Division of Wood Cellulose, responsible for managing the Forest Products Chemistry Laboratory. Her research interest is in wood and paper chemistry, chemical utilization of non-wood forest products, fungal secondary metabolites, and prevention of paper microbial degradation. During her six month Fellowship, Zoe studied the production of essential oils from forest products and how that related to sustainable forest management.