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Internatinal Fellow from Nicaragua 2016 (Andrea Cornejo)

Andrea Cornejo, Nicaragua

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Andrea is a former WFI International Fellow from Nicaragua who completed her Fellowship in 2016. Her research at WFI compared private forest landowners in Nicaragua and Pacific Northwest. (video)

Andrea works as a Researcher at the recently formed Interdisciplinary Institute of Natural Sciences at the University of Central America, Managua, Nicaragua. In this position, she conducts research related to forestry, ecosystem health, and non-timber forest products, as well as teaches as part of the Faculty of Science, Technology, and Environment. In 2017, she launched a Forum on Forests and Sustainable Forest Management, part of a lecture series to create a continuous conversation on forestry-related topics.

Internatinal Fellow from Spain 2016 (Ana de Munioz)

Ana de Miguel Munoz, Spain

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Ana is a former WFI International Fellow from Spain who completed her Fellowship in 2016. During her time at WFI Ana conducted research on Short Rotation Forestry (video). She is currently finishing her PhD. in forestry at the Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland. In September 2017, she started working for Coillte, the Irish state commercial company responsible for managing forests. Last year, she also volunteered for Calmast, an organization that brings science and engineering to the general public and particularly to children.


Internatinal Fellow from Taiwan 2016 (Rebecca Hsu)

Rebecca Hsu, Taiwan

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Rebecca is from Taiwan and completed a 6-month Fellowship in 2016. Her research during her fellowship focused on investigating biodiversity in the forest canopy. (video)

After her fellowship, Rebecca went back to work for the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. In 2017, she coordinated a new project, the Taiwan Tree Project, in partnership with Australian experts to conduct a portrait photo of Taiwania, one of the tallest conifers in East Asia. The project was very successful and raised more than one million New Taiwan Dollars for environmental conservation in Taiwan.


Internatinal Fellow from Malaysia 2016 (Samantha Kwan)

Samantha Kwan, Malaysia

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Samantha completed her Fellowship in 2016. Her aim is to improve urban forest park services in Salawak, Malaysia. While at WFI, Samantha learned about urban forest management and habitat restoration practices in the Pacific Northwest. (video)

Samantha returned to work for the Sarawak Forestry Corporation at Piasau Nature Reserves (PNR) managing an urban forest in the city of Miri. She has been increasing public involvement in PNR and presenting on PNR’s successes at conferences. The connections that she made during her fellowship followed her to Malaysia. She organized a public seminar on urban forestry with guest speaker Dr. Cecil Konijnendijk, a renowned professor from the University of British Columbia. She collaborated with Brian French, a well-known Portland arborist, on an inset cavity nesting project for the Oriental Pied Hornbill in PNR. In 2018, she will be setting up a nature classroom (inspired by attending the International Educators Institute at WFI) for urban areas in PNR. And recently, she was accepted as an active member for the IUCN Hornbill Specialist Group.

Internatinal Fellow from India 2016 (Karishmaa Pai)

Karishmaa Pai, India

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Karishmaa is from India and joined WFI as an International Fellow in 2016. Her Fellowship project was on innovative urban forestry initiatives for corporate funding. (video)

In 2017, Karishmaa joined International Flavors and Fragrances,Inc. as their strategic planner for fragrance development in Singapore. She works as part of the Fabric Team and is currently on a six-month project assignment in the Netherlands working on applying environmentally conscious principles to laundry detergents and softeners.

Internatinal Fellow from Nigeria 2016 (Abiodun Solanke)

Abiodun Solanke, Nigeria

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Abi is from Nigeria and came to WFI as an International Fellow in 2016. His research objectives while at WFI were to gain first-hand experience in best practices in cultivating, harvesting, and post – harvest processing of bamboo and engineered wood. (video)

For Abi, the immersion into the world of sustainability at the World Forest Institute remains a significant milestone. He returned home to start his collaborative practice – LITEHaus ARCHITECTURE + DEVELOPMENTS, an integrated firm of sustainable architecture and civil and environmental engineering. LiteHaus’ purpose is to bridge the gap between the theories and realities of living in the tropics by providing realistic, cost–effective, and sustainable solutions using local materials and appropriate technology. The firm constantly seeks opportunities to maximize the use of bamboo and adobe. Abi’s mission is to bring about transformative thinking and application of renewable materials to eradicate sub-standard housing for low and middle-income Nigerians and for Africans at large. He believes the highest form of efficiency is to make the best use of local materials with global perspectives in mind to solve affordable housing problems. In 2017, his affordable housing scheme using recycled material was selected as one of the top 50 innovative entrepreneurial ideas by the British Council in Nigeria. Abi is an active advocate for the improvement of vulnerable, under-served, and disenfranchised communities.

International Fellow from Poland 2016 (Adam Wasiak)

Adam Wasiak, Poland

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Adam is from Poland and completed his Fellowship at WFI in 2016. During his program, Adam research project was on Sustainable Forest Management in Public Forests (Poland vs Oregon). (video). Currently Adam works as the deputy director at the Bureau for Forest Management and Geodesy in Poland where he is responsible for the performance of forest management plans, the national forest inventory, and updating forest resource assessments.

Internatinal Fellow from China 2016 (Yu Lei)

Lei Yu, China

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Lei Yu is from China and came to WFI as an International Fellow in 2016. During her 6-month fellowship he focused his research on Research Centers in the U.S. and China Differences and Lessons (video). After his fellowship, Lei went back to working for the Chinese Academy of Forestry in Beijing, where he manages two of their research centers.