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Shreejita Basu, India

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Shreejita Basu is an environmental engineer from New Delhi, India. She received her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) and has been working on understanding the role that forestry can play in carbon markets in her country.  In 2017, Shreejita’s Fellowship project focused on learning how American non-profits in natural resources operate. (video)

Shreejita followed up her time at WFI with a six-month fellowship at Sustainable Northwest, on the Northwest Community Forest Coalition (NWCFC) project. NWCFC focuses on supporting the emergence, development and management of community forests in Pacific Northwest. As a community forest fellow, Shreejita will be working on protection of water quality in the drinking water watersheds along the Oregon coast.

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Hebe Carus, Scotland

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Hebe Carus is a wildlife conservation biologist from Kingussie, Scotland. Hebe joined the 2017 WFI fellowship program to gain new non-UK insights into how forestry can contribute to conversation aims and vice-versa. Her goal was to learn from Oregon forest managers, including those in collaborative works, how to achieve optimal management of public and private forestland at a landscape scale. (video) Hebe is interested in how to transition from a simple stand structure to more complex structural diversity that in the long term can deliver a continuous flow of timber incomes as well as age class and species diversity.

Hebe has taken up a temporary post with the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) as a Living Landscapes Programme Manager. The program oversees the implementation of landscape scale land use/conservation integration across 3 sites – urban and rural. Hebe will be evaluating the successes of one of those sites, coordinating the implementation of a communications strategy and reviewing the SWT landscape-scale conservation policy; all within 9 months!

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Oscar Hernandez, Guatemala

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Oscar Hernandez finished his WFI Fellowship Program in 2017. During his 6-months in Portland he analyze best practices for forest management in the PNW that have a clear potential for application in the Guatemalan forest sector, including government, private and community sub-sectors. The research scope included policies, practices, economic and social analysis of forest management, at urban and rural scales. (video)

After his program Oscar became the Technical Advisor of FEDECOCAGUA (Coop of Coffee Coops) to implement the Food, Agriculture, Income and Resilience (FAIR) Project, funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The FAIR project will support thousands of small coffee farmers for 5 years to increase their economic growth and to reduce malnutrition. The experience at WFI allowed Oscar to better understand the USAID approach and work style.

Oscar considers himself an agent of change, with solid values, creative and innovating, with 18+ years of experience in international cooperation projects based out of Guatemala City, Guatemala. He has successfully facilitated rural development and climate change initiatives with IADB, United Nations, Rainforest Alliance and others. He has also served as technical advisor of GoG Ministers. He expects to broaden his professional and personal horizon and “rethink” the business as usual model.


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Binod Heyojoo, Nepal

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Binod Heyojoo finished his 6-month WFI Fellowship in 2017. At WFI, his  learned about wildfire management challenges, initiatives and success stories from the PNW to take lessons learned back to Nepal for their national forest fire management planning (video). Binod returned to his teaching duties as a professor at the Institute of Forestry (IOF) in Pokhara, Nepal. He will be starting his PhD in Forestry in June of 2018 at Tribhuvan University in Nepal. His PhD research thesis will expand on the project he did at WFI in Forest Fire Management.


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Jan Jenco, Slovakia

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Jan Jenco is a lawyer, author, and forester from the town of Tekovske Luzany in the Slovak Republic. After obtaining a master´s degree in law, Jan´s professional career started at the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, where he occupied a position of lawyer at the Directorate for Nature, Biodiversity and Landscape Protection. He later widened his education by gaining a Bachelor´s degree in forestry and thus specialized in cross-sectoral relationships of forestry and nature protection and its mutual effects in policy making processes, which was also the subject of Jan´s research during his stay at the WFI. (video)

Jan recently started a Master’s degree in Environmental Management with a focus in natural resources at the Technical University in Zvolenin, Slovakia. He is close to completing his authorship of a book on Slovak forestry regulations. He is currently working for a regional organization for conservation and sustainable development with a focus on habitat restoration in the river Danube region, since February 2018. He will be working on their legal agenda.


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Sawako Tanaka, Japan

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Sawako Tanaka finished her 6-month fellowship program in 2017. Sawako worked as environmental scientist coordinating research networks for AsiaFlux monitoring data and other greenhouse gas data. As a data-mining expert during her time at WFI she researched environmental monitoring systems in the PNW and find linkages to business practices and how to build in practical opportunities for the use of public data.

After her fellowship, Sawako started a new position at Nagoya University in Japan as the liaison between industry and university research to promote entrepreneur education and international collaboration. Sawako believes that the critical thinking culture she was exposed to at WFI propelled her to continue learning from every opportunity available.


Chiao-Ping Wang, Taiwan

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Chiao-Ping Wang finished her WFI Fellowship Program in 2017.  During her time in Portland she focused in developing a conceptual framework of urban ecosystems (Final Presentation: From Urban Forestry to Urban Ecology) (video). After her program resumed her work as an Associate Researcher at the Taiwan Forest Research Institute (TFRI) in Taipei, Taiwan as a soil scientist. She reported that she brought back many great ideas from the USA that are inspiring her work implementing a Long Term Ecological Research site in the urban forests of Kaoshiung.

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Sue Sem “Michelle” Yap, Malaysia

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Sue Sem “Michelle” Yap from Malaysia finished her WFI Fellowship Program in 2017. During her time at WFI she explored the potential and the mechanisms of regulated sport fishing within the forest reserves in Sabah through the lens of the Pacific Northwest’s experience. (video).

Michelle returned to work for the Heart of Borneo conservation project in Malaysia at the Sabah Forestry Department. This initiative focuses on the management of protected areas and one of her directives is to determine alternative revenue streams in these forest reserves.  She will be focusing on conservation activities such as forest rehabilitation and developing ecotourism facilities this year. Her WFI project findings on how to implement sport fishing inside a forest reserve have been approved by the Sabah Forestry Department and are in the process of being implemented.