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Luke Balcombe, Australia

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Luke has 16 years experience as an Environmental Advisor and Consultant for construction, energy and resources, oil and gas projects. He is currently an environmental consultant at B2B Environmental Surveys based in Brisbane, Australia, where he conducts research and development of aerial imaging, environmental surveys and data-driven GIS innovations.  Previously he was an environmental advisor at QGC, a senior environmental scientist at Unidel Group, and an environmental advisor at Powerlink Queensland.


Sue Baker, Australia

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Dr. Sue Baker finished her one-year Fellowship in January 2011. Her project at WFI was a study of variable retention silviculture methods and practices in the greater Pacific Northwest. Sue was supported jointly by Forest and Wood Products Australia and the Gottstein Trust.  In 2012 she awarded a Fulbright Post-doctoral scholarship to continue conducting research in variable retention forestry with Washington Department of Natural Resources. Sue is currently a Research Fellow at University of Tasmania, looking at the impacts of forest management practices on ground-active beetles.


Katie Collins, Australia

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Katie is developing plans, policies and procedures relating to bush fire management. In particular bush fire risk management plans, prescribed burning plans and procedures, pre-incident plans. Katie completed her Fellowship in 1999.


Blair Freeman, Australia

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Blair Freeman served as the Australian forest industry representative at WFI in 1997/98. His final report on Global Warming: Forest-based options for Australia (1997) can be found here. Since then Blair has worked in forest sector consulting in Australia and across the broader Asia Pacific region. His main areas of focus are forest policy, strategic planning, forest resource management and sustainable development. In 2014, Blair joined the Indufor Group and he is now leading Indufor’s work on strategy and sustainability consulting in the Asia Pacific region, based in Melbourne.


Roslyn Henricks, Australia

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Roslyn was at WFI on a 12-month Fellowship supported jointly by the J.W. Gottstein Memorial Trust and Forest & Wood Products Australia. She completed research on the visual implications of plantation forestry in Austrailia. This research touched on the social and political issues of plantation forestry as well as the practical components of silviculture and management. During her fellowship at WFI she produced a visual management guide that will help field managers aesthetically plan their plantations.


Krystina Kny, Australia

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Krystina Kny completed a six-month Fellowship in December 2014.  She is from Melbourne, Australia and works for VicForests as their Manager of Operational Performance.  Krystina is responsible for the management of VicForests’ Sustainable Forest Management System and maintaining compliance against relevant certification schemes and regulatory requirements.  She has worked in both tree farming and native forestry in Australia and during her six month Fellowship Krystina completed a project on Social Acceptance of Working Native Forests, contrasting Victoria, Australia and the Pacific Northwest


Phil Lacey, New Zealand

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Phil completed his Ph.D in 2008. He is currently for PF Olsen as a Technical Services Manager, supervising a team of technical experts covering spatial information, resource modeling, forestry systems, fire, silviculture and research. PF Olsen has been operating for over 35 years in New Zealand and recently decided to expand their operations into Australia. They manage forests (plantation or native) for investors, with no forest ownership themselves. During his one-year Fellowship in 2003-2004, Phil sought to understand the biological, economic and environmental factors facing industrial forest managers in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), and to examine the decision support systems that various forest managers adopt.


Lee Miezis, Australia

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Lee is the North Coast Marketing Improvement Manager for State Forests of New South Wales. Lee works with internal and external parties to improve the delivery of timber products to the market and to be more responsive to markets demands and to foster relationships with partners in the distribution chain for hardwood products. During his Fellowship in 2001-2002 Lee researched North American timber markets and authored the WFI Special Report – North American Timber Markets: Production, Consumption, Preferences and Opportunities for Australian Native Timber.


Jamie Morton, Australia

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Jamie is currently the Catchment Coordinator for the Northern Rivers Catchment Management Authority. He completed a Fellowship in 2001, sponsored by the Gottstein Trust and Forest and Wood Products Australia.


Matthew Pope, Australia

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Matthew is an infrastructure forester at Forests New South Wales with responsibilities for road construction and maintenance, and has worked in other operational roles including fire, recreation, weed control and fertilizing. During his Fellowship from 2007-2008 Matthew investigated the use of integrated field data management systems. Matt was sponsored by the Gottstein Trust and the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation.