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Tim Sanders, Australia

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Tim Sanders from Australia finished his 6 month Fellowship in October. Tim came here to study what forest management agencies were doing in preparation or in response to climate change. He completed a very thorough synthesis of the adaptive management strategies and schools of thought in the Pacific Northwest, complete with site visits and interviews of public and private agencies. A copy of his report and final presentation can be found elsewhere on our website. Tim returned home to resume his work with VicForests in Melbourne where he hopes to implement some of the findings from his study here into their future management plans.


Tony Scherl, Australia

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Tony Scherl is a Fire Officer with Forests New South Wales Fire Management unit. Tony has worked for the Forests NSW for over 10 years, in a range of positions from forest field worker to forester. During his Fellowship from 2004-2005, Tony examined measures the US has taken regarding the problems of re-introducing prescribed fire and active fuel management into the landscape, as well as ways Australian forests can benefit from the US experience.


Roland Simpson, Australia

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WFI Board members and staff were saddened to hear of the recent death of Roland Simpson on October 22, 2004. Roland was a Fellow in 1998 and more recently worked as a forester with Forests of New South Wales in their Investment Services Division. Roland died as a result of injuries sustained in a BASE jumping mishap in China. Roland’s ever-optimistic attitude and broad smile will surely be missed both here in Portland as well as in Australia.


Michael Taylor, Australia

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Michael gained international expertise in sustainable forest management and certification and forest industry policy as Australia’s inaugural Fellow at the World forest Institute in 1996. Michael has 17 years experience within the Australian and international forest industry. Following graduation from the Australian National University with a B.Sc. Forestry (1990), he has worked in a number of Australian states and has expertise in processing, business analysis, harvesting and haulage, forest management and also policy and political representation. Currently Michael is Operations Manager for Midway Pty. Ltd., a plantation development and export woodchip company in Victoria. He is responsible for the processing and export of around 1 million tonnes pa. of woodchip. Michael has completed his Graduate Diploma of Business at the University of Tasmania (1992) and Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and investment at the Securities Institute of Australia.


Nathan Trushell, Australia

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Nathan Trushell finished his WFI International Fellowship Program in 2008. During his six-month Fellowship from 2007-2008, Nathan explored opportunities and potential strategies to promote and brand forest industries. Currently Nathan is the CEO of VicForests, Victoria, Australia and a non-executive Director of Responsible Wood.


John Turland, Australia

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John completed a WFI Fellowship in 2006-2007 and studied North American approaches to growth and yield modeling, and harvest scheduling approaches in uneven-aged mixed species forests. After the Fellowship John returned to the USA, and worked as a Forestry Management Analyst with Washington State DNR; a Forest Economist with RISI’s international timber group; and 6 years with TIMO GreenWood Resources Inc, initially as a Financial Analyst then as Director of Resource Planning & Analysis, including 2 years based in China. In 2016 John returned to New Zealand and has established a forestry consultancy company, IFIM Consulting Ltd. He specializes in providing a wide range of technical forestry services including investment analyses, resource assessments, growth and yield modeling, forest modeling, and valuations.