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Cristhian Gutierrez Patzi, Bolivia

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Cristhian finished a six-month fellowship in the fall of 2012. He studied marketing strategies of small forestry businesses and family forestland owners. From his research he developed a general marketing plan that can be implemented by small forestry companies and one that he hopes will help communites in Bolivia sell their wood products. Cristhain is a Project Officer for the Canadian-based company Co2Impact in LaPaz, Bolivia. His Fellowship was sponsored by the International Tropical Timber Organization.


Miguel Sanchez Fajardo, Bolivia

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Mr. Miguel Sanchez Fajardo from Bolivia finished his 6-month WFI Fellowship Program in 2015. During his program he conducted research in forest nurseries (Final Presentation: Characterization of Forest Nurseries). After his program Miguel worked at Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Forestal (FONABOSQUE), where he planned seedling production on the national level. In May 2017, Miguel invited Diane Haase and Kas Dumroese, nursery specialists from the U.S. Forest Service, to Bolivia to provide technical assistance pertaining to nursery production and out-planting of seedlings. Over 200 participants were trained during this two-week workshop.