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Alexandre Battistella, Brazil

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After spending a couple of years traveling around the world selling wood products, Alex recently spent 12 months working in the forest (logging, selling and buying timber). Alex is currently the Operation Director for Battistella Ind. e Com. Ltda in Rio Negrhinho, Brazil. During his Fellowship in 1994-1995, Alexandre authored the “Brazil Country Report” and participated in a Weyerhaeuser training program.


Mariane Bueno de Camargo, Brazil

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During her Fellowship in 2007-2008, Mariane conducted a trade study on Brazilian moulding and millwork.  Since 2011 she has worked for KLABIN S/A in Parana State, Brazil where she is responsible for forest protection, pest and disease monitoring and environmental zoning.  KLABIN S/A is the largest paper company in Brazil.

Moacyr Fantini, Brazil

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During his Fellowship in 1999, Moacyr researched the importance of Eucalyptus solid and engineered wood products in the US market. He has worked in plantations management at various forestry companies, including Klabin, Veracel Celulose, and Stora Enso in China. He is currently Director of Forestry in a joint venture between Stora Enso and the Chilean company Arauco in Montes del Plata, Uruguay.

Ana Kanoppa - Brazil 2019

Ana Kanoppa, Brazil

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Ana Kanoppa is an expert in economic and forest policy with an MBA in Environmental Management and a Master of Science in Regional Development and Environment. She has been working since 2008 as a consultant in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and has executed and elaborated local and regional projects in incentives for ecosystem services, costs and viability for sustainable supply chains, sustainability, and climate change. At the World Forest Institute, her goal is to study successful mitigation initiatives for climate change, specifically in public policy, carbon markets, and innovative financial mechanisms for conservation. Her research aims to investigate the main differences between regulated and voluntary carbon markets in tropical forests and Pacific Northwest forests as well as their respective contributions to global climate control and compliance with international climate change agreements.


Aline Guerrieri Moreira, Brazil

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Aline Moreira’s professional background is in environmental resource management  and social welfare. Aline finished her year-long WFI Fellowship at the end of May 2010 with the successful completion of new curriculum for the Project Learning Tree book ‘Global Connections: Forest of the World‘. Her project was sponsored by the American Forest Foundation. Aline hopes to continue her work in environmental education and continue to bridge the gaps between the social and educational needs of communities.


Claudio Ortolan, Brazil

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In 1996, Claudio completed a one-year Fellowship as the Brazilian representative at WFI. Claudio graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in Curitiba, Parana in 1981. He received his M.B.A. in Economic Engineering in 1990. Claudio has worked in forest product companies in operations and projects for panels, sawmill, pulp and paper. He has worked for Global Forest Partners in their South American operations, for consulting firm Pöyry, and in 2016 returned to Klabin, the largest paper company in Brazil, working in Remote Forest Monitoring (satellite images and drones), Harvest, and Forest Products Market.


Eduardo Quartim Barbosa, Brazil

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Eduardo is a Forest Engineer based in Brazil. His fellowship at WFI in 1997 – 1998 was focused on international wood markets, and he organized the Brazil Moulding and Millwork Conference at the World Forestry Center in 1997.   Eduardo has skills in environmental issues and climate change. He has worked on environmental conservation, and forest production with small and medium land owners. Most recently, he is involved with Environmental Licensing, Permaculture, Agroforestry and Low Carbon Economy.