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Patrice Ngalla, Cameroon

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Patrice Taah Ngalla is currently working for the World Wildlife Fund’s Central Africa Regional Programme Office as a GIS/Remote Sensing Specialist. Patrice provides advanced customized GIS and remote sensing work to support conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources in southeast Cameroon. During his Fellowship in 2005, Patrice explored different options and procedures in GIS & remote sensing that can be integrated with forest inventories in order to provide decision support information for sustainable forest use and management.


Elvis Tata, Cameroon

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Elvis Tata finished a six month Fellowship in March 2012. Elvis is a high school geography teacher from Douala, Cameroon. He came to WFI to learn how business and government in the United States use GIS to help manage their natural resources. Elvis interviewed people from public and private industry and learned how GIS is integral to their daily and long-term operations. Elvis returned to Cameroon to resume his teaching duties and develop proposals to ingrate GIS into school curriculum.