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Andres Alarcon, Chile

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Andres completed a six month Fellowship in March 2013. He has an Industrial Engineering degree from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile – Santiago, Chile and has been working for Chilean company Woodtech Measurement Solutions since October of 2010 as a Software Engineer. During his Fellowship, Andres studied the various manual log scaling methods used in the PNW. His company makes digital log-scaling equipment and the knowledge gained from his research at WFI will help him better serve the needs of his current and future customers.

International Fellow from Chile - Angel Mario

Mario Angel, Chile

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Mario worked as both a Fellow 2001 and as a Program Manager at WFI. In 2009 he founded Angel Business & Consulting LLC to provide consulting services for the forest product and renewable energy industries. Mario assists companies doing business in both Latin America and North America to make informed decisions based upon research, analysis and recommendations. He works on many projects related to lumber, plywood & veneer, OSB, MDF and particleboard production and sales as well as projects related to bio-energy and wood fiber supply & demand. He is a regular writer for Lignum, the most important magazine for the Chilean forest industry. During his years at WFI he spoke at conferences in Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S.


Sandra Silva Perez, Chile

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Sandra is currently Marketing & Business development Deputy Manager at Australis Seafoods based in Puerto Varas, Chile.  Prior to this she was a regional director at the Chilean Exports Promotion Agency (PROCHILE).  During her Fellowship in 2001, Sandra conducted market studies on with forest issues and compiled and managed forest products statistics information used to create a data mart prototype.