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Zhongyuan Ding

Zhongyuan Ding, China

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Zhongyuan Ding works in the Human Resources Division of the Chinese Academy of Forestry. He has experience in capacity-building for early-career forest scientists and managing programs aiming at enhancing communication and cooperation between forest scientists at research institutes and technicians in the field. Zhongyuan holds a Master of Environmental Science from Lanzhou University. His project at the World Forest Institute is titled “Human Resources Management and Employee Training & Development Underpinning Forestry Research & Development” and aims to investigate how to better engage young professionals in forest management to attain a high quality and sustainable workforce and to enable them to promote productivity and creativity in forestry research and development. Zhongyuan plans to use the networking opportunities provided through the Fellowship to know more about applicable platforms and resources to this end.


Ke Dong, China

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Ke Dong finished a very successful 18-month fellowship in October 2010. Her project of learning about payments for ecosystem services was complemented by practical work experience regarding FSC certification in China. She returned to China to put her new knowledge to work in the natural resource and conservation sectors.


Ning Hou, China

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Dr. Ning Hou is a professor of forest economics at Beijing Forestry University in Beijing, China. She completed a one year Fellowship in April 2012. While at WFI, Ning researched carbon sequestration in western forests and explored markets for forest carbon in the United States. Ning resumed her teaching duties upon return to China and continues to teach several classes every semester.

Weidong Li, China

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Mr. Weidong Li was a Senior Researcher at the Chinese Academy of Forestry and a former editor-in-chief of the Chinese journal, World Forestry Development.  He was WFI’s first Fellow from China, in 1994-1995.   Mr. Li has since passed away.

International Fellow from China 2018

Xuejiao Li, China

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Li Xuejiao is a program officer at the Chinese Academy of Forestry based in Beijing, China. She obtained her Master’s degree in ecology at Beijing Normal University and is now working on forestry international cooperation.  During her fellowship in 2018, she did an Appraisal of International Collaboration in U.S. Forest Science (video). Contact:


Xiaoqiong Liang, China

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Xiaoqiong Liang completed her six-month Fellowship in October, 2013. As a research assistant for the Chinese Academy of Forestry in Beijing, Xiaoqiong worked on policy development of the new forest certification scheme being implemented in China, the CFCC, or Chinese Forest Certification. With CFCC applying for endorsement by the larger certification body PEFC, Xiaoqong came to WFI to study how the implementation of CFCC would affect US trade of forest products with China. Specifically, she looked at FSC-certified companies in the US and how much they export to China and assessed their level of knowledge regarding China’s new forest certifcation and what it might mean for them and their business.

Qingxin Liu

Dr. Qingxin Liu, China

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Dr. Qingxin Liu is from Beijing, China. Since 2012 he has been working in the Division of Science and Technology Management at the Chinese Academy of Forestry (CAF). With science and technology systems reform in China, he is interested in learning more about effective management of forest scientific research projects in the Pacific Northwest. He will study the development of public forestry project management during his time here at WFI, which will be from June through November, 2015. He aims to carry out a comparative study on the research management systems in US and China and to bring knowledge of good experiences and practices from the US to China.


Meijuan Luo, China

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Meijuan Luo works for Fujian Academy of Forestry in Fuzhou City, China as a researcher engaging in forest silviculture and ecology. She was at the WFI for a 6-month Fellowship sponsored by World Forest Institute & Fujian Fumin Foundation. She has a Master’s degree in forestry from Fujian Agriculture and Forest University. While working full-time at Fujian Academy of Forestry, Meijuan is concurrently enrolled in a PhD program at the Chinese Academy of Forestry. Her research project at WFI was on the topic of forest ecological service compensation. She studied the mechanisms of compensation of forest ecosystem services and the ways to motivate people to protect the environment in the Pacific Northwest . The objective of this research was to help Fujian Province establish its own forest ecological compensation mechanisms.


Huancheng Ma, China

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Dr. Ma is a professor of Silviculture at SW Forestry University in Kunming, China. He took a short four-month sabbatical to come to WFI and study ecosystem management in the US. Ma was at WFI from September through December, 2011. Ma returned to his university with some new ideas about habitat conservation and some practical tools for implementation.


Zengwang Ma, China

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Zengwang Ma is a researcher at the Hebei Academy of Forestry Science. In 2006-2007 the Hebei Provincial government sponsored Ma for a 12-month Fellowship. Hebei province, which surrounds Beijing, has been overlogged, resulting in desertification, flooding and landslides. Consequently the government has imposed logging restrictions, and they are now faced with the task of finding alternative revenue sources through sustainable forest development. In his work, Zengwang studies silviculture and reforestation.