Rodolfo Vieto is a forester and forestry economist who is passionate about the design and implementation of efficiency-seeking decision support systems, strengthening forestry value chains, and promoting harvest scheduling for optimal forestry/agroforestry resource management and valuation. Rodolfo’s other interests include rural endogenous natural and cultural resource management and conservation processes, participatory rural development and conservation project design and evaluation, environmental conflict characterization and management, teaching (economics, tropical ecology, and computers in natural resources), and guiding academic and thematic tourism. Rodolfo holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica and a Master of Science in Forest Resources from the University of Idaho. During his Fellowship, Rodolfo will work on strengthening Central American sustainable forestry and agroforestry best practices and value chains, adding value to the forest through efficiency seeking management approaches and additional and innovative self-empowering “eco-cultourism” value chains.