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Kati Brueckner, Germany

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Kati spent her six-month fellowship at WFI in 2009 researching the discourse that led to the adoption and implementation of the Northwest Forest Plan. The focus of her study was on the course of scientific debate amongst policy advisors, biological scientists, and communities impacted by the plan. She also looked at external factors influencing the creation of this management plan such as funding, political requirements, and public expectations and how all these affected the scientific discourse.


Rainer Hummel, United States

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Rainer Hummel works as a Forest Practices District Manager for the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). His office is in the hamlet of Husum on the White Salmon River, but his territory covers the southeast region of the state.  Rainer and his wife, Susan, live nearby on property along the aptly named Rattlesnake Creek where they manage farm and forest.  Rainer’s education in forestry has allowed him to work in many settings and with a wide array of subjects in natural as well as social sciences.  After graduating with a M.Sc. in Forest Sciences from the University of Freiburg in Germany, Rainer spent a year at the World Forest Institute in Portland, OR in the international fellowship program.  Subsequent project work for private sector clients led to job offers, permanent residency, and eventual citizenship.  After several years working in both the US and Germany as account manager with domestic and international clients in the forest products industry, Rainer changed pace in 2006. He accepted an offer to return to his Alma Mater in the Black Forest as program manager for a newly created masters course in environmental governance for a three-year term.  The Pacific Northwest had never lost its allure, however, and when we moved back we made our home in the Columbia River Gorge.  Rainer’s work with private forest owners in the area eventually led to the opportunity to work for DNR in forest practices. When not busy with land management, Rainer enjoys running, backcountry skiing, and climbing trees.  On December 6th, he has been known to help St. Nikolaus visit bilingual children in the greater Portland area to celebrate the holiday season.


Andreas Schuck, Europe

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During his Fellowship in 1996-1997, Andreas conducted a Parr Lumber study, tracked trends in the world panel market, and organized a ‘Global Forest Monitoring Workshop’ for IUFRO. The IUFRO workshop and the following work led to the establishment of the IUFRO Global Forest Information Service