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Shreejita Basu, India

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Shreejita Basu is an environmental engineer from New Delhi, India. She received her PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi) and has been working on understanding the role that forestry can play in carbon markets in her country.  In 2017, Shreejita’s Fellowship project focused on learning how American non-profits in natural resources operate. (video)

Shreejita followed up her time at WFI with a six-month fellowship at Sustainable Northwest, on the Northwest Community Forest Coalition (NWCFC) project. NWCFC focuses on supporting the emergence, development and management of community forests in Pacific Northwest. As a community forest fellow, Shreejita will be working on protection of water quality in the drinking water watersheds along the Oregon coast.


Vijay Kolinjivadi, India

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Vijay spent his 6-month Fellowship studying the business demand for watershed service markets in Oregon. He interviewed buyers of watershed services in both the regulated and voluntary markets and ascertained motives for purchase into these services and the general perceptions of the buyers during this process. Vijay has spent several years studying payments for ecosystem services and will continue to work in this field in upcoming projects.

Internatinal Fellow from India 2016 (Karishmaa Pai)

Karishmaa Pai, India

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Karishmaa is from India and joined WFI as an International Fellow in 2016. Her Fellowship project was on innovative urban forestry initiatives for corporate funding. (video)

In 2017, Karishmaa joined International Flavors and Fragrances,Inc. as their strategic planner for fragrance development in Singapore. She works as part of the Fabric Team and is currently on a six-month project assignment in the Netherlands working on applying environmentally conscious principles to laundry detergents and softeners.


Jasjit Walia, India

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Jasjit Walia is from the Indian Forest Service where he is the CEO of Ecotourism for his region, Himachal Pradesh. Jasjit was the first Indian to participate in WFI’s Fellowship program in 2005-2006. Jasjit researched environmental services, which he feels holds great promise for his Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh in northern India.