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Tateki Hata, Japan

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Tateki is currently a consultant at Spacevision Research Institute Inc. in Osaka. His work involves forest products marketing and development of forest and agricultural area. Tateki has completed research involving the market adaptation and competitiveness of Japanese wood industries. During his Fellowship in 2001-2002 Tateki worked as an Information Specialist and conducted research on US wood supply for the Japanese housing market.


Nobutaka Isoda, Japan

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Nobutaka works as a Researcher for Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. at their Tsukuba Research Institute. An architect by training, he researches ergonomic solutions for special users of wooden homes, such as the elderly and disabled. Nobutaka researched green building design and techniques during his Fellowship in 2002-2003.


Kenji Kariya, Japan

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Kenji is a Researcher for Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. in their Research Institute. He is an architect and is involved in a variety of research related to the aesthetic value of trees and housing design and construction, including ergonomics and Japanese life-styles. He is also currently a postgraduate student at Tokyo Institute of Technology in the Department of Architecture. During his Fellowship in 200-2001 Kenji researched wood usage for the interior design of houses in the Pacific Northwest as well as the benefits of wood as a building material.


Maki Shiina, Japan

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Maki graduated from Portland State University with a Master’s degree in communication in 2004. During her Fellowship in 1995-1996, Maki was sponsored by Nichimen and Sumitomo Forestry.


Daisuke Tajima, Japan

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Mr Daisuke Tajima completed a short  four-month fellowship program in the summer of 2010. Daisuke researched the business of small forestland ownership. His family owns forestland in Japan and he focused his research on learning about practices surrounding the livlihood and sustainability of family forestlands. He also focused on global trends affecting small-scale forestry. Daisuke completed his Fellowship prior to his last year of school at Keio University.

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Sawako Tanaka, Japan

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Sawako Tanaka finished her 6-month fellowship program in 2017. Sawako worked as environmental scientist coordinating research networks for AsiaFlux monitoring data and other greenhouse gas data. As a data-mining expert during her time at WFI she researched environmental monitoring systems in the PNW and find linkages to business practices and how to build in practical opportunities for the use of public data.

After her fellowship, Sawako started a new position at Nagoya University in Japan as the liaison between industry and university research to promote entrepreneur education and international collaboration. Sawako believes that the critical thinking culture she was exposed to at WFI propelled her to continue learning from every opportunity available.