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Kwangho Baek, Korea

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Kwangho Baek was a Fellow for 18 months from Jan. 2011 to June 2012. He is an officer in the International Cooperation Division of the Korean Forest Service in Daejeon, Korea. While at WFI he studied biomass policies and incentive programs used in the U.S. and researched how Korea might further become involved in the biomass industry. Kwangho returned to Korea to resume his work with the Korean Forest Service.


Inchul Jung, Korea

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In Chul worked for Eagon Industrial Co., in Chile, as a General Manager for over 13 years.  He has also managed plywood and MDF mills in Uruguay for Urupanel and ply and sawmills in Chile for Forestal Tromen SA.  He is currently Managing Director of Jung & Cho Limitada in Santiago, Chile, which offers strategies to improve plywood manufacturing processes and business development.


Namgon Kwag, Korea

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Namgon works for Eagon Ltd., a luxury Korean building products supplier and builder. He has worked for Eagon for 12 years, beginning in the flooring factory and he is now the Team Manger of the Management Support Team, and is responsible for accounting, financing, labor affairs and strategic planning. During his Fellowship in 2008 he searched for products to introduce to the Korean building market, including wood and non-wood products.


Seol Woong Lee, Korea

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Seol Woong Lee, an architect by training, works in the marketing division of EAGON Inc. His primary responsibility is developing new wood-based products and planning new business opportunities. During his six-month Fellowship in 2006, Lee explored wooden housing facilities for seniors, including retirement and assisted living communities. By 2026, Korean society is expected to become super-aged society in which over 20% of the population will be above 65 years of age. Therefore, the development of facilities and dedicated housing for seniors has become a key issue in Korea.


Kyungtae Park, Korea

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During his Fellowship in 2006, Kyungtae explored green building and wood markets developments in the US.  He was then posted to Chile, where he managed Eagon Lautaro S.A. in Lautaro, as a commercial manager. Eagon Lautaro manufactures Radiata Pine plywood and veneer and is involved in forestation and harvest. Their headquarters, Eagon Industrial is one of the major integrated specialty wood product manufacturers and importers in Korea. In 2016 Kyungtae was posted to Seattle, WA, which primarily sells the plywood produced at their Chilean mill to US markets. In March 2017, he went back to work in Eagon Lautaro, Chile as a commercial manager.