Hebe Carus is a wildlife conservation biologist from Kingussie, Scotland. Hebe joined the 2017 WFI fellowship program to gain new non-UK insights into how forestry can contribute to conversation aims and vice-versa. Her goal was to learn from Oregon forest managers, including those in collaborative works, how to achieve optimal management of public and private forestland at a landscape scale. (video) Hebe is interested in how to transition from a simple stand structure to more complex structural diversity that in the long term can deliver a continuous flow of timber incomes as well as age class and species diversity.

Hebe has taken up a temporary post with the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) as a Living Landscapes Programme Manager. The program oversees the implementation of landscape scale land use/conservation integration across 3 sites – urban and rural. Hebe will be evaluating the successes of one of those sites, coordinating the implementation of a communications strategy and reviewing the SWT landscape-scale conservation policy; all within 9 months!