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Li-Wan Chang, Taiwan

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Li-Wan Chang finished her 6 month Fellowship program in November 2013. Li-Wan is a research assistant at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute in Taipei. There she does research on forest stand dynamics in response to natural disturbances. She also manages the Institute’s extensive library and helps the organization with international cooperation. At WFI, Li-Wan studied the similarities between forest health and management issues between the US and Taiwan. She concluded that while many things are similar, public perception of forestry and forestry issues is very different between the two and that perception plays a major role in how forests are ultimately managed.


Yen-Chang Chen, Taiwan

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Yen-Chang has recently been promoted to Chief of Fu-Shan Research Center, an internationally renowned research forest under the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) in Taiwan.


Dr. Chao-Nien “Carol” Koh, Taiwan

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Dr. Chao-Nien “Carol” Koh is from Taiwan where she has worked at Taiwan Forestry Research Institute for more than twenty years. She has spent most of her working time with birds. She has conducted bird biodiversity surveys in natural forests, plantations, preserves and afforested units. Recently, she turned her focus to birds in urban areas. Some of her research has demonstrated that birds in the urban ecosystem have difficulties in raising their babies compared to those in the mountains.  This has prompted her to develop educational materials for the public on how to help the birds and their habitats in the neighborhoods around the city of Taipei. Carol is interested in developing more advanced protection programs for the urban birds in Taiwan. With Portland’s long history of preserving wild birds, Carol hopes to learn from organizations such from the Audubon Society which has programs on backyard habitat certification, cats and wildlife, reducing bird hazards and bird planting for wildlife, etc. Carol will be here through December 2015 and will bring her experiences back to Taiwan and to share with people in the city government and the NGOs such as Wild Bird Society of Taipei.


Jiunn-Cheng “David” Lin, Taiwan

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David manages 1000 hectares of forestland in the Taimali research center, under the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. The center is located in southeast Taiwan. It is one of six research centers which belongs to TFRI. During his Fellowship in 2005, David explored avenues other than logging to generate income from forestland, such as carbon sequestration projects and ecosystem services.


Yu-jen Lin, Taiwan

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Dr. Yu-jen Lin has worked as a scientific researcher at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute since 1998. His research projects involve carbon sequestration estimation of the economic trees and bamboos in Taiwan and charcoal production utilizing bamboo and forest biomass residues. During his ten-month fellowship at WFI, Yu-jen did extensive research on the technologies and processes of woody biomass utilization in the West. He focused on production mechanisms that he could apply towards Taiwan’s forest resources, specifically the potential for bamboo to be used for the production of wood pellets. Yu-jen’s fellowship was sponsored by the Harry Merlo Foundation and National Science Council of Taiwan, and supported by the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute.


Chiung-ping “Bonnie” Liu, Taiwan

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Bonnie, formerly from the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) in Taipei City, is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Forestry, National Chung Hsing University, In Taichung, Taiwan. During her Fellowship in 2003 Bonnie researched watershed management and associated research techniques.


I-Chun Lu, Taiwan

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I-Chun Lu completed a five-month fellowship in 2010 researching methods and technologies used in environmental education in the Pacific Northwest. She returned home in October and resumed her work for the Taiwan Forest Research Institute. I-Chun is an assistant researcher in the Botanical Division of TFRI. She was previously stationed in Taipei, but will resumes her duties at a new work station in Yi-lan county.


Hwa-Guang Shang, Taiwan

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Hwa-guang is a government officer serving at Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) as an assistant researcher. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in forestry from National Taiwan University, both specializing in forest products technology. His work at TFRI includes forestry extension education, publications, technology consultation services, etc. Hwa-guang spent his 6-month Fellowship in 2012 studying extension education platforms that are used by various agencies and organizations to educate about forest ecosystem degradation and global climate change. He made comparisons with platforms in Taiwan and returned to his position at TFRI with recommendations on how to improve Taiwan’s environmental education outreach.


Chiao-Ping Wang, Taiwan

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Chiao-Ping Wang is an Associate Researcher at the Taiwan Forest Research Institute (TFRI) in Taipei, Taiwan. After earning her PhD in Germany in the late 90’s, she returned to Taiwan and has studied the forest soils around the country working to understand the processes and functions of different forest ecosystems, including a warm temperate cloud forest, a subtropical rain forest and a lowland plantation. For the last five years, Dr. Wang has focused on the study of the environmental benefits of urban forests, which is a new topic of research for TFRI. She became aware that the public, which is generally supportive of environmental programs, needs to move beyond its appreciation of the aesthetics of trees to a more specific understanding of the many functions they serve, not only individually but collectively. She came to WFI to understand systems of urban forest management in the US and to gain a deeper understanding of the ecological and educational applications of urban forestry. (video)

Chiao-Ping returned to her research at the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) as a soil scientist. She reported that she brought back many great ideas from the USA that are inspiring her work implementing a Long Term Ecological Research site in the urban forests of Kaoshiung.


Chia Chen Wu

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Chia-Chen Wu is a research assistant with the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute in Taipei. He came to WFI for a 10-month Fellowship in 2011 to look into traditional and modern methods of tree breeding. Visiting dozens of tree breeding operations and interviewing many laboratories, Chia-Chen came away with knowledge of how U.S. forestry and forestry-related organizations use molecular biology in their tree breeding programs.