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Chia Chen Wu

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Chia-Chen Wu is a research assistant with the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute in Taipei. He came to WFI for a 10-month Fellowship in 2011 to look into traditional and modern methods of tree breeding. Visiting dozens of tree breeding operations and interviewing many laboratories, Chia-Chen came away with knowledge of how U.S. forestry and forestry-related organizations use molecular biology in their tree breeding programs.


Min-Chung “Galy” Yang, Taiwan

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Min-chung “Galy” Yang (Taiwan) is an IT specialist who has provided data solutions for a variety of forestry, agricultural agencies, and NGOs.  He was the Research and Development Manager for Achieve Made international Limited for a number of years, before moving to Shenzhen, China, where he works for Ayla Networks.


Ruo-Yun “Zoe” Yeh, Taiwan

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Zoe completed a six month Fellowship in November 2014. Zoe is from Taipei, Taiwan and works for the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute. She is an assistant research fellow in the Division of Wood Cellulose, responsible for managing the Forest Products Chemistry Laboratory. Her research interest is in wood and paper chemistry, chemical utilization of non-wood forest products, fungal secondary metabolites, and prevention of paper microbial degradation. During her six month Fellowship, Zoe studied the production of essential oils from forest products and how that related to sustainable forest management.